10 of the biggest digital trends announced this week

Keeping up with the latest digital trends is a must for any savvy online entrepreneur. Here are ten current trends to keep an eye on.

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Video Advertising Rules

Studies have shown that, for the first time, video advertising has outstripped desktop display. Video brand risk has also improved.

Domination of Mobile

According to Business2Community, mobile usage has been steadily increasing for the past few years. Now, more than 60% of consumers’ digital minutes are devoted to mobile devices, especially apps.

Demand for News Sites

One in every nine visits online are made to news and media sites, with more of us eager to consume what’s going on in the world across a broader range of media sources.

Media Regulation Required

Despite more of us consuming news, trust in media sources has plummeted, with half of readers believing they’ve seen fake news. 63% of consumers argue that more media regulation is needed.

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Enhance the User-experience

Experts believe that brands should focus their mobile marketing efforts on emerging markets, but 84% of mobile consumers in emerging markets won’t put up with bad user-experiences. If you’re looking to capitalise on emerging markets, ensure your mobile web design creates a positive user-experience. Consider upgrading your site, with expertise from http://www.rycomarketing.co.uk/web-design.html, who offer web design in Belfast and elsewhere.

Praise for YouTube

A survey has found that YouTube ranks highest for media brands that consumers feel most positive about, thanks to its proliferation of new content. The BBC also scored positively.

Lack of Business Pitching Preparation

Reports highlight that most UK businesses aren’t prepared to win new business pitches. Lack of staff, formal training and know-how are to blame. 54% of those businesses that put in a pitch lose at least half of them.

Appeal of Mobile Loyalty Programmes

Consumers increasingly favour mobile loyalty programmes. 83% of smartphone users agree that receiving exclusive content, rewards or personalised messaging would boost their brand loyalty.

Post-Brexit Prices

Consumers are uncertain how prices will be affected post-Brexit, but it seems that when it comes to premium products, many (62%) are willing to pay an increase in price, if necessary.

Cars Dominate Instagram Growth

Luxury brands are dominating Instagram, where car brands, in particular, have enjoyed a 20% growth in two months. Car manufacturers make up half of the top ten most-liked UK brands on Instagram.

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