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Do Not See Results? 10 Training Errors That Slow Your Progress

10 Training Errors? You may have experienced a great change in your body, both at the body level and in strength gains, during your first steps in the weight room, and you probably thought that would be like this forever … but you have reached a point where you cannot keep moving forward. If you are in this situation, attend the following points and find out if you are making these 10 mistakes that slow your progress.

10 Training Errors10 Training Errors

1.-Not knowing you yourself

And I do not mean that you recognize yourself in the mirror, but to these points:

They are direct questions about your behavior from the point of view of nutrition as sports and if you do not have very clear, I think it will be time to stop to investigate…

Depending on the genetic biotype, although we are always a mixture of several, you should focus your corresponding planing. If you do not know how many calories you eat at the end of the day, how will that thermo-genic go, if for that case you need to be hypocaloric? . If you are going to define, you will have to foresee the increase of proteins, or did you not know what was needed? If you get tired making a large number of meals, you may include some extra shake avoid saturate at the last minute.

Do you want to improve your weight gains, and you are not able to move more than a year ago? Possibly you will have to measure your RMs of the basics and act accordingly. Of course I guess you know what it is … This is one of the reasons of 10 Training Errors.

2.-Not knowing your goal10 Training Errors

It is linked to the previous point, and I am referring to that after throwing you 2 years doing the Monday chest and the Friday biceps and triceps, it may be time to stick to a more exhaustive plan.

In addition it seems that you move according to the weather stations: the closer the uncovering, because you change the methodology, and as you have been told that to “define you have to do superseries and cardio”, you radically change the system, and there you plant doing Thirteen openings in combination with pulley crosses, and your 60min of cardio on tape while talking to the grandmother next door…

If you are going to define, because you want to look 6-pack in the pool, we can do things right, and at the beginning of the season, coinciding with the start of the Football League … establish the work mesociclos, which will not be anything else but to assign a portion of time of a duration of approx. 4-6 weeks to a specific job (increase strength, increase volume, definition …). All with a view to programming each sequence and not having to resort at the last minute to base you’re feeding on lettuce + chicken + extra hours of cardio in the month of May…This is one of the  reasons of 10 Training Errors.

3.-Not knowing the technique

To avoid, of course, the risk of injury, and as practically no one does, you stopped doing deadweight since that will hurt you if or if your back. Very good, because of a slice you have removed a basic tool of strength progression with the addition of practically working your 90% of the musculature, directly and indirectly, as well as a cascade of bestial hormonal segregation … Would not it be better to investigate how perform the correct execution before discarding an exercise? . Of course, this we apply to move free weight in squats … Oh and if you have doubts, when you do squats, do not slow down to 45º! Continue down and if the knees go beyond the tips of your feet, do not listen to the monitor that is next to you throwing the buya …

But friend, to execute these movements, you need a series of requirements, before getting into the realm:

Flexibility : if you have little “ankle dorsiflexion” do not expect that no matter how much you read the previous paragraph, the miracle happens by itself, and make a perfect squat if you appreciate the “butt wink”. It is necessary a previous work so that our carticular, tendinous and muscular system involved knows that the new positions will require a high flexibility. Oh, but I guess you already dedicate enough to work it, right? …

Neural connection: basic movements require a large component of mind-muscle connection, since we are going to recruit a large number of motor units, this will register our processing unit (brain) and therefore if we have never trained before way, we will need adaptation time. We are not going to move 2xBW (Body Weight) in a squat in the first week, even if your ego thinks otherwise …

Convincing and deciding: it will never be the same, posing under the Multipower to do squats, going up and down with your hands on your quadriceps … to give you courage, and place a weight on your shoulders, take two steps back and now, you alone against the weight of the world. The situation changes drastically. For you will need the certainty that you will be able to start with it.

Remember that there are no harmful exercises, but bad technique or that it is incorrect. And even if you do bicep curl … respect the ROM please … This is one of the reasons of 10 Training Errors.

4.-Do not train hard

Training hard hurts, I’m not going to deny it, maybe it’s a bit extreme stance, but the one who tries it, gets out of his comfort zone, and spends most of his training time building the real strength, it just makes you happy, and the subsequent quadriceps or back pains when you get up – because of the implicit inflammation of the hard training session, not the incorrect technique – they go into the background when the results are observed. And these cater to a much more motivational component:

I’m glad every time I’m able to move more weight than the last time

Obviously, this conciseness is related to the training system we use. I will always opt for the one where the angular pillar is a training based on giving priority to the basic exercises, training them intensively (in the following point it is mentioned), and leaving for the “final” or as secondary, those that give us support from another auxiliary perspective or that finally helps to “mold”.

As you can see, I’m not a Taliban about it, and if they have a place to perform heavy deadlifts, and bicep curl. This is one of the reasons of 10 Training Errors.

5.-Do not apply intensity10 Training Errors

“… Now I have become serious, and I am training strong strong …” A very typical phrase, and that almost everyone will have heard him hear more than one. Intensity is related to the% variable with respect to the load referred to your maximum lift. In other words, you will train “stronger” or your training will be more intense when you move weights that are closer to your maximum potential.

Sometimes it tends to be confused with the term training density, which will also be related to the total volume of the session, as well as “touching” more or less muscle groups through different exercises. Therefore, if you think you train intensely, first do the theoretical calculations regarding your RM (look again the term appeared, it will be because it is something important …)

Now, opening umbrellas, some will say that you do not need these arithmetic operations, if what you want is to pump your chest … true, and as true that you will spend a new season maintaining your same shirt size … although this has advantages, over everything if you usually attend events like weddings, you will not have to pay in new costumes. This is one of the reasons of 10 Training Errors.

6.-Do not pay attention to breaks

In all the gym wall clocks are often hung, and even in digital format with a visible secondary. If still not, you can always use a wristwatch, or the “mobile”. This is the commando because rest refers to precisely this, has not answer whatsup’s, look at Instagram or post on Facebook your current status …

Take the time to rest to lower pulsations, take a breath, decongest muscles, drink a drink of water – or entertaining drink – and of course not lose the “focus”. That is also one of the reasons of 10 Training Errors.

Do you know what is the way to know that you do not lose this concentration? Take you thinking during the rest of the next series that you have left, visualizing yourself executing the movement, and observing that the technique is correct without making mistakes.

On the other hand, if we seek to maintain the density of training, it is obvious that we cannot rest in a series 60 “, and in another 2.5min … Better to attend only to see when we play the next series, maintaining the same pattern of rest. This will have to be adjusted according to the intensity of the exercise – it will not be the same 3 × 3 90% of bench press, that 3 × 10 Side Elevations – in one the system has to resynthesize ATP to be able to run the series with full guarantees, and this is not free, it will take your body an average of 2 to 5 minutes, but leaving it halfway will be almost 70%, and it will be enough. For the second case, looking for metabolic fatigue, rest will be shorter. This is one of the reasons of 10 Training Errors.

7.-Do not keep track of your planing

“Planing” encompasses your training routine as well as your nutritional balance in this regard. Today the applications and gadgets that abound us can benefit us in this regard. As you will not take off your mobile, or water, it’s even easier. You can control your pulse (external sensor chest comuniación via Bluetooth with your mobile phone) while doing training for a posteriori see how it has evolved your heart rate, calories expended (approx.); Then write down the routine you have done, if it matches the weights you intended, as well as the breaks (look at the chrono.).

Later, with your monitor of daily activity that you carry on your wrist we will be able to know if you have given the necessary number of steps…

The caloric control is a fundamental point, if of course you look for remarkable results, or you will continue giving blind sticks, and eating the “tun-tun” or whatever you want. It usually happens that you tend to consume too much protein, reduce carbons, and cut them at a certain time, and not take the necessary amount of fatty acids … All this ball, would be more bearable if you help, as I said before, applications computer programs that are at full disposal. I’m not going to do your planing, for that you’ll have to find yourself a little life, to know what is that of the cycling of calories, to inform you a bit about nutrition, not to demonize food. This is one of the reasons 10 Training Errors.

8.- Do not consult with a professional

 This point comes to the hair with respect to the last one. If all the above seems like a mess, and well, if you still do not know where to start or what routine is right for your goal, or if you need to be recognized … I mean that you adjust a sports planing midway , do not copy the routine you saw of Arnold on the Internet and apply it to him …

If you go to a health professional when you are ill, or when you need the latest office configuration, you do not ask the fruit seller (although it does not mean that he has that knowledge as is the situation …) but you go to a specialized center, and if not you have no idea how to approach your planing, why do not you go to a real professional? Maybe this question goes unnoticed and you try to find the solution on your own, without knowing that the most important thing that is at stake, is not even a bit of turkey, we are talking about your health.

Returning to an example of the beginning, when the summer season arrives and uncorking, all enter the hurry, and as true licensees in human nutrition and experts accredited professional sport, they convince themselves that eating chicken and green leaves are going to get the results. The only thing I see here is the closest thing to doing hara-kiri without you noticing. They do not know the dimension that the fact of suppressing lightly foods, essential nutrients … and well, talking about the training, as we said before, numerous hours of cardio, exercises at full strength without much foundation. That is also one of the reasons of 10 Training Errors.

Unless you have previous experience, and know what you do, I think it would be much more beneficial to leave a professional who is responsible for “take care of” and help you with your goal. This is one of the reasons of 10 Training Errors.

9.-Do not perform other activities

Sometimes, the degree of involvement with achieving our goals is such that little by little it becomes a certain obsession, and with very strange, almost sick behaviors. And it is not for less, I myself had a time where I did not realize these habits, and that later I understood that I could not keep such pace of life. What’s more, that demand was not worth it.

This case, I can affirm that insurance has happened to you or at least you have touched it. It is not your fault, it is basically everything that surrounds you, so many stereotypes, idolizing magazine covers, and competition … There is a strong psychological component, that when you see yourself immersed inside it, you act in a very different way from the rest.

I do not mean to take out a tupperware of rice and chicken on the beach, but to other types of behaviors that cause people to stop doing everyday activities such as taking walks, riding a bike, running … and they can stop taking over the “fear” that they are “catabolic” and provoke the regression in your muscular gains.

If you like the world of fitness is ok, but reach incomprehensible points, it is not, and reduce your social life, your old habits, or even spend more time with irons than your own family, friends … I do not see it at all all right. Point aside would be the professionals in this field, who do dedicate themselves to this, and it is their lifestyle, but unless you are going to follow the same path, I think it will not be the most appropriate.

You can lead a healthy, sporting life, and be well with one, without reaching extremes. Remember that virtue resides in equilibrium. This is one of reasons of 10 Training Errors.

10-Do not accept your limitations

And linking the last part, you should be able to recognize that you will never lift the weight of that kid who has been training for 15 years, when you have been 3 years, or you will not lose 10% of body fat, and not because you are not capable, but because of your circumstances they do not allow it.

Do you sleep little or do not rest enough? Do you work shifts? Do you have responsibilities? These are negative factors that do not help to be 100 × 100. And it usually happens bill. Do not stick to something that can make you lose much more than you will earn and above all, less important.

You must know yourself very well to appreciate that if it did not arrive before, now it will not, and instead of creating a negative current, we approach the issue from another point of view. Adapt to your situation and squeeze as much as possible, to optimize and obtain the best result. If you do not know how, I told you that there are professionals who can help you. This is one of the reasons of 10 Training Errors.

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