11 Tools Needed To Develop A Digital Marketing Plan

11 Tools Needed To Develop A Digital Marketing Plan

A digital marketing plan contemplates many aspects that most marketing professionals know how to put into a roadmap. Most of the time it usually reflects the following points:

SWOT of the company in question. Here we could include a complete audit of the current state.

  • Study of the competition, mainly in the digital terrain.
  • Objectives of the digital marketing plan.
  • Plan of execution or calendars of actions: Here enters the strategic and tactical part.
  • Plan of measurement of the evolution and results of the same.
  • Necessary economic and human resources.

11 Tools Needed To Develop A Digital Marketing PlanWhen this is put into practice, one of the key questions is:

What tools do I need to develop this digital marketing plan?

These tools have to serve to accomplish some task that you cannot do manually or to automate a task that would take a long time. The chosen tools should solve the following areas:

Tool for the management of social networks: The functions to be covered mainly are the programming of contents, measurement of results, monitoring in social media and to extract the pertinent reports. For this, the most famous and most used tool is Hootsuite and particularly for twitter topics I recommend Socialbro.

11 Tools Needed To Develop A Digital Marketing PlanEmail marketing tool: Here you need the generation of subscription forms, a “free” service for your first email list (at least 10,000 free emails), which allows you to do A / B testing, email sending templates, import system And export simple lists and be able to pull reports from each campaign. I recommend you Mailchimp or Mailrelay.

Web analytics tool: In this section I will not invent too much, google analytcis, is the best option unless there are quite advanced needs. The important thing to start measuring correctly is to make a custom dashboard and configure the conversions of the web page (contact form, sales¬† …).

CMS: To organize the contents in a web page requires a content manager that allows to create and modify content easily. Another interesting factor is that content links well with social networks. Here I will not invent anything; wordpress to this day is the best CMS.

11 Tools Needed To Develop A Digital Marketing PlanTool to create landing pages: In most projects it is necessary to create external pages to the web page. Usually for downloadable content or as a landing page for PPC campaigns (google adwords, facebook ads ..). I recommend Instapage or Kickofflabs.

Webmaster tools: In some cases, marketers forget about this tool. It is very necessary for SEO: you can see the search terms that brings traffic to the web, if there are indexing errors or manage the URLs of the website.

Personal Productivity Tool: I really like Evernote, as the notes manager is the best. Its integration with mobile devices is good and has very interesting payment functionalities for the management of projects and meetings with other members of a company.

Tool to “cure” content: Content healing has a double objective. One to be informed about one theme without wasting too much time and the other being able to compile interesting sources for creating your own content. Right now, Feedly has no rival.

11 Tools Needed To Develop A Digital Marketing PlanPlatforms for your PPC campaigns: The most important ones are certainly google adwords and facebook ads. Each one with different features and options but if you need to make a pay-per-click campaign you will go through one of these two.

An image editor: The whole visual theme must be treated as much for the web, blog or social networks. If you are not a designer I recommend the Pickmonkey tool. And if you have something more level you already have many other options like the famous Photoshop.

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Tools for SEO: There are many and varied here. The main thing is to be able to work the positioning of the pages of the web and the blog. And on the other hand some application for Linkbuilding. I recommend the tools of MOZ, Seoquake and majestic SEO.

As you can check, there are many tools but you have to focus on a good one by theme so you do not waste too much time.

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