15 Keys To Doing Business On The Internet

15 Keys To Doing Business On The Internet

It is true that we are already at a point where almost everything can be sold on the internet or therefore there are many realities, sectors and projects that have nothing to do with each other. Although there are certain guidelines or guidelines that are repeated to the satiety that they will serve you the same to sell shoes as consulting services and are necessary to do business on the internet.


15 Keys To Doing Business On The InternetLet us then detail these keys that will help us to have them present:

1- The first impression is the one that counts: just as people do zapping on TV, so does the network. So it is better that the web is usable, serious and inspire confidence at the first or you can lose that user forever. And very important, in seconds you have to understand what your site is about.

2- Your web needs permanent investment: it sounds very bad but it is so crude. The moment you stop investing your traffic it will go down until you stop existing for the digital world. Unless you are a very much needed web, of these few….

3- What is your name? : When choosing a name, keep the following in mind:

– Choose a short domain related to your brand or activity

– Do not use acronyms or special characters

– Have positive connotations

15 Keys To Doing Business On The Internet4- The power of “tagline”: or, in other words, your slogan. You have to be a phrase that makes your potential customers understands that your business is treating you and giving you a good brand image.

5- Protection! : You must register the trademark, protect your email address, include a legal warning on the web and a data privacy policy for users.

6- For the content of the web it is interesting the following:

– Do not include long paragraphs

– Delete useless content

– Set reading levels

7- For the management of content facing the network:

– Tells a story

– Try to be creative, innovative, sociable, transparent and accessible

8- Internet micro-specialties: You’ll have to get used to working with usability experts, web programmers, designers, content generators, SEO / SEM experts…. If you come across a professional who claims to be expert at everything in digital subjects, flee!

15 Keys To Doing Business On The Internet9- Strive to be found in search engines:

– All pages must be indexable

– Use friendly URLs

– Use images with tags

– Choose keywords well

– Register in all possible directories

10- Use all possible sources of traffic: Google adwords campaigns, SEO, social networks, online advertising, email, affiliates … .the right combination of them is the key to success.

11- Give control to the user: There are a whole series of practices that help to not disturb the user and that you feel comfortable in your website to make the purchase and hopefully loyalty.

12- Monitor what is said of your business: in the network you have to be attentive to what the users say. Online reputation is very important and what it is about is giving credibility because bad opinions without being stopped in time can do a lot of damage when dealing with viral messages many times.

13- Measure, measure, measure: If you do not you will lose one of the great advantages of the digital world. You can measure all your activities and tests that you do: pages viewed, clicks, records, origin of the visit…. Information is power and you must be friends with metrics.

15 Keys To Doing Business On The Internet14- Market and competition: Obviously you are not alone in the network and you will have to compete with companies that are doing well. That’s why it’s healthy to see what they do, catch ideas and even anticipate to win the market.

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15- Fade out of your mind once and for all the myths about the world 2.0: some will already sound: selling on the internet is cheap, is for young people, once I start the web I start selling….

All these keys are no guarantee of success but at least when you have them internalized you will be a little closer to your goals.

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