21 Promotional Products Your Millennial Employees Will Love

If you’ve got members of the Millennial generation on your staff, you might be a little stumped about what types of promotional items will resonate with them. Fortunately, their tastes are mostly on par with the rest of your workers, with a slight preference towards certain categories. We’ve rounded up seven popular groups that rank high on Millennial’s wish lists as well as a few suggested items in each category.

Tech Items

Having grown up in a world inundated with electronics, many Millennials are drawn to their functionality and familiarity. You likely can’t splurge on devices themselves, but you can certainly provide helpful accessories that all just happen to carry your logo. Here are some items to consider:

Young adult woman presenting to coworkers

  • Earbuds: Choose from corded or Bluetooth.
  • Chargers: Make sure to offer both iPhone and Android styles.
  • Charging stations: Employees love to be able to charge more than one device at a time.
  • Touchscreen-friendly gloves: For cold offices or chilly winter days.

Green Items

This generation leans toward promotional products that have an eco-friendly bent. Millennials don’t like to waste raw materials, and they will appreciate your focus on helping the environment. Think about these options:

  • Reusable water bottles: Make sure they are BPA-free.
  • Bamboo clothing: T-shirts made of bamboo are soft and ready for your branded message.
  • Things made of recycled plastic: Old water bottles are recycled to make myriad promotional products.

Photo Ops

Do you catch your employees taking selfies on their cellphones throughout the day? Give them something branded to include in the shots, and your logo will be spread all over social media. These items will increase your reach:

  • Backdrops: At your next trade show, provide a fun background that is selfie-worthy.
  • Props: Give them fun headbands that provide ears, horns or crowns.
  • Instant photos: Hard-copy photos have become cool again. Give them instant cameras or maybe just the film.


Millennials are devoted to the idea of “giving back.” That makes it more difficult to offer a useful promotional item, but there are ways to accommodate this proclivity:

  • Giveaways: If you produce small items or food products, offer to donate one for each one sold.
  • Drawings: Create a drawing for a cash donation, but make sure the entry form includes a branded item.
  • Pay it forward: Give a promotional item that can be donated, such as socks or packaged foods with a long shelf life.

Seasonal Items

The key to win Millennials’ hearts is to give them something helpful and clever. If you want to establish a workplace where recreation is an important part of the work-life balance, you could give employees useful outdoor items such as:

  • Drink koozies: These are available in shapes for holding cans or bottles.
  • Beach towels: Just think of how many people on the beach will see your branding.
  • Stadium seating: Again, the exposure opportunities for outdoor items is high.


Bags and totes of all sorts make great promotional items. They eliminate the use of plastic bags – a cause that’s important to Millennials – and they come in many configurations. These are terrific options:

  • Drawstring: Lightweight and high-impact, drawstring bags are popular items.
  • Canvas tote: These offer infinite branding opportunities.
  • Reusable grocery: Offer a “green” solution for an everyday necessity.

Safety Items

Millennials are known to be a safety-conscious generation, perhaps thanks to the parenting style they experienced growing up. That makes these promotional items ideal:

  • Mini first-aid kit: Employees who are weekend warriors will appreciate a compact solution.
  • Water filtration bottle: Most people don’t anticipate needing one, but they are helpful to have on hand.
  • Reflective outdoor gear: Bike commuters and hikers love these safety tools.

Millennials may have specific tastes, but that doesn’t mean they are immune to the power of promotional products. Any of these 21 options would make a memorable branding solution.

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