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4 Reasons to Consider Becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner

Most people who decide to go for a nursing qualification end up being overwhelmed by the variety of positions that are available. Recently, the position of family nurse practitioner, or FNP, has been highly sought after for a variety of reasons. If you considered becoming an FNP, here are some of the reasons you should make the jump.

FNPs work Closer to the Public

When comparing FNP vs DNP positions, the biggest difference is with interactions with the public. Some people might be more attracted to the administrative aspect of the nursing position, while others want to be more hands on. If you’re still on the fence between DNP or FNP, you should definitely go for FNP if you are more of an altruistic person. FNPs will often follow patients for the whole lives and they form a special bond with the families they work with, making their positions feel less anonymous.

Fewer Responsibilities than a Doctor, but more than a Registered Nurse

Many people who decide to get into nursing might be disappointed by the narrow scope of tasks that the role of a registered nurse entails. Many crave more responsibilities and might be more attracted to a job as an FNP for this reason. As an FNP, you will have much more responsibilities such as assisting in diagnostics, running physical exams, and even giving out prescriptions in some cases.

High Demand

The demand for qualified nurses is very high at the moment, notably because of changes in the number of Americans that are now enjoying health insurance and the aging population. This is your chance as a nurse to get a piece of the pie. And, since there are less family nurse practitioners, you’ll have a definite leg up on the competition.

Not only that but since there is such a high demand for advanced nurses such as FNPs, many institutions are offering incentives for nurses to pursue their education. So, in some cases, you may not even have to pay to specialize yourself and open yourself to better opportunities.

High Adrenaline

While working in a healthcare facility isn’t like an episode of ER 24/7, the job can get very exciting at times.  No two days are the same and you’ll have to exercise your decision-making muscles on a daily basis to solve a wide variety of problems. Life and death situations can be extremely stimulating and fulfilling when you know you’ve made a difference.


So, if you were still indecisive about which way to go, we hope we could assist you in your choice. The role of FNP is one of the most fulfilling and exhilarating jobs in the healthcare system, especially if you’re the altruistic type and like to have a direct contact with patients. Furthermore, demand for specialized nurses is ever increasing and having an FNP diploma in your back pocket is a sure ticket to employment. So, if you want to pursue a job as an FNP, make sure you choose a reputable school that will give you all the tools to succeed in the current market place.

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