5 Mistakes To Avoid To Make A Good Google Adwords Campaign5 Mistakes To Avoid To Make A Good Google Adwords Campaign

5 Mistakes To Avoid To Make A Good Google Adwords Campaign

All Digital Marketing specialists know that using a good Adwords campaign is an excellent tool that helps attract traffic to your website. But as it is a tool that can be expensive, it is better to avoid certain mistakes that would make you lose a lot of money.

When campaigns are not worked correctly, they can bring many more costs than benefits. But when you do a lot of head campaign can be a real takeoff for your company.

In this article we will talk about some of the mistakes that are usually made when campaigns in Google Adwords are not well managed.

5 Mistakes To Avoid To Make A Good Google Adwords Campaign# 1 Use groups of wrong keywords

This is one of the main mistakes and the easiest to avoid that is usually committed when programming PPC campaigns.

When a campaign is programmed in Google Adwords, there are three groups of words : broad match, phrase match, and exact match.

Let’s see what each group is about:

Broad match

When you add broad match keywords, your ads will show when you search for the keywords you’ve provided regardless of the order of the words within the string. So, for example, if you use the phrase “buy handbags online”, your ad will be displayed for any combination of the phrase: “buy the best handbags online”, “handbags online buy” etc …

There is a lot of potential when you use this type of match. According to a study conducted by Microsoft, 57% of potential impressions can be lost if broad match is not used.

To add these words you must place them in the Google Adwords keyword editor without any punctuation.

Phrase match

When targeting keywords with phrase match, ads will appear when keywords are searched in that exact order.

For example, if your search is “better nonstick pans” your ad will only appear when that exact group is used and in the same word order. If the user adds more words to his search, but keeps the phrase in the same order, the ad will continue to appear.

If this type of search is the one that best suits the objectives of your campaign then you should place the word in double quotes “best non-stick pans”.

Exact match

With the exact match, your ads will only show when the exact keyword you’re targeting is entered into the search engine. In this case if your word is “better non-stick pans” the ad will only appear when you search for the word exactly, if you add another element, despite maintaining order, the ad will not appear. To set words with this type of match you should place them in brackets: [best non-stick pans].

It is important to understand what type of match is useful because this will have a significant impact on your ad. A broad match will generate more impressions, but it can be a bit imprecise as it will show your ad with searches that may not be in line with what you’re promoting.

On the other hand the concordance of phrase or exact generate more conversion but not a number of impressions so high, taking away the visibility of the advertisement.

In niches where the number of sales is not so high, perhaps a phrase or exact match is not so convenient, however in consumer products it may be preferable to close the searches a little more.

The general recommendation is to start with precise words and then if you are not having the number of impressions you want to close the search a bit. On the other hand, if you start with a very open search and you are not converting in the expected way, you can contract the searches a bit.

5 Mistakes To Avoid To Make A Good Google Adwords Campaign# 2 Ad length and quality

Not having the appropriate extension is another common mistake made by those who advertise in Google Adwords.

Adwords, trying to achieve better ads, makes available to its users the Ad Extension tab, when you are inside the tool.

With this, what you will achieve is to add more content and tools to your ad, making it much more useful than what you would usually achieve. The use of ad extensions can be very effective with increasing clicks. Check out these extensions:

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Google Adwords

Ad extensions include:

Sitelinks: These allow you to add additional links and use the link text to include additional outlets and calls to action

Location: You can add your address to emphasize the fact that it is a local business or facilitate customers to obtain addresses of the physical location of the store.

Call: Adding a contact number can make the business look more believable and these extensions make it especially easy for potential customers to call you.

Calls to Action: You can add simple and persuasive phrases that make your ads more attractive such as “Free shipping”, “As seen in …”, “Satisfaction guaranteed”.

Structured Snippets: Offer the opportunity to show the range of your offer with examples of different styles, services, etc.

Google Adwords Snippets

The correct ad extensions will ultimately increase the click rate. The challenge is to ensure that the landing page is of high conversion, so that when visitors arrive there, they easily find what they are looking for.

5 Mistakes To Avoid To Make A Good Google Adwords Campaign# 3 Do not use negative keywords

Another common mistake is that negative keywords are not used. AdWords allows you to use negative keywords as a way to exclude keywords that are not appropriate for your product.

For example, if you own a retail store that sells children’s clothing, but not sportswear, you do not want your ads to appear in searches for “children’s sportswear.” Therefore, you can add “sports” as a negative keyword.

Negative keywords can be added both in the campaign and at the ad group level. Therefore, if a word should be excluded from a single ad group, you can exclude it from the group, but if you want it to be excluded from the entire campaign, you can also exclude it.

Some common negative keywords to exclude are:

Free (these people are probably not looking to spend money)

Cheap (unless a low price is your competitive advantage, this will attract buyers looking to buy at very low prices).

YouTube (these people are probably looking for content, not buying products)

Images (probably behind the photos of the product)

Wholesale (if it does not sell in bulk)

5 Mistakes To Avoid To Make A Good Google Adwords Campaign5 Mistakes To Avoid To Make A Good Google Adwords Campaign# 4 Do not target your keywords in multiple ad groups

Ad groups organize the keywords and ads that are displayed for those keywords.

That’s why adding too many keywords – especially a wide range of search terms – to a single ad group will reduce your quality score and your chances of serving relevant ads.

It is difficult to recommend a universal method for organizing ad groups. That’s because the behavior of the search will be different depending on what is being sold. It is advisable to do keyword research to see if it makes sense to categorize in the same group or create different groups, for example:

Product collection: You can have one ad group for “shoes” and another for “belts” if you sell both.

Demographic: you can have one ad group for men and another for women if you have different products and messages for each one.

Each ad group should consist of a segment of relevant keywords for all ads within that ad group, in order to increase the relevance of your ads and the quality score.

# 5: Do not test the optimal position of the ad

Depending on the objective, the position of the advertisement can be very relevant to achieve it. If your goal is to improve branding, then it is a good idea to be in one of the first two announcement positions, but if your goal is to obtain the best results, sometimes it is better to be in the 3-5 position.

People tend to click happily with the first two positions. They can click whether they are seriously interested or not. But if your ad is in position 3-5 (or possibly lower), then it is not the first thing that the user will see.

People have to look next to their screen, which is usually something they do only after they are not able to find what they are looking for. Therefore, being on the side acts like a filter. Only people who really look for a better result will click on your ad and visit your site.

Without proof, there is no way to know which ad position is the best for your business. Sometimes being in one of the first two positions works very well, but in other occasions, positions 3-4 provide a better return.

It is advisable to find the optimal position by raising or reducing your offer in cost per click. If Google suggests an offer of $ 1 to $ 3, start with $ 1 to see what the results are. If they are good enough, you may not have to pay more for each click.

AdWords can be intimidating because of how technical it looks on the surface and how expensive it can be if it is not monitored and the account is kept under strict supervision. But both fears can be solved once the learning curve is overcome. Take into account the previous tips for your next announcement and always remember to carefully review the results against the objectives proposed for each campaign.

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