6 more ways that your home reveals personal details about you

From the items you have on display to your messy habits, these things can give away an awful lot about your personality. So what else can you tell from how a person’s home looks?

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If you enjoy your job

If you make your bed in the morning, you are more likely to enjoy your job compared to those who leave it messy. This is thought to be because happy people tend to prefer an organised life with little to no chaos and therefore make sure everything is neat and tidy before they leave the house.

Your child’s reading level

Unsurprisingly, if your home is filled with books, your child will enjoy reading. A study found that children whose homes had 100 or more books were able to read, on average, one and a half levels above those without many books at home.

Whether you are lonely

Those who enjoy long baths or showers are more likely to be lonely, according to a Yale University study. It is believed that subconsciously, they act as a substitute for emotional warmth, which makes sense considering professionals often advise having a warm bath to help relaxation.

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How likely you are to get burgled

Locking windows and doors is the obvious step to keeping burglars out. However, out of a study of 1000 burglaries, it was found than if you have a sliding glass door or single pane windows, you are more likely to be a target. Be mindful and safe.

Photos on display

If you’re someone who likes to display photos of themselves, the likelihood is that you are under 35. Interior designers have found that the older generation don’t enjoy hanging photos of themselves, compared to the millennials who are used to numerous selfies on social media sites. If you don’t want your face staring back at you from your walls, you could try artwork reproduction services, such as http://www.river-studio.com/artwork-copying/artwork-copying-reproduction.php to hang the pictures you love the best.

If you’re anxious

Anxiety can often be linked to those who try to control their surroundings. Hiding mess underneath your bed, in your wardrobe or in spare rooms is surprisingly common for most people. However, if you suffer with anxiety, it is more likely for these areas to be kept clean and orderly.

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