6 Old SEO Techniques You May Be Wasting Your Time

6 Old SEO Techniques You May Be Wasting Your Time

Of all the disciplines of online marketing, the techniques of SEO are possibly of the most changing. The reason is clear, almost the entire market falls on Google and that makes when there are changes in the algorithm searches are shaking the whole sector. In the background is normal, Google does not like to try to manipulate search results to benefit companies that invest in it.

If we do a brief review of the changes that have happened on a large scale, there are two elements that have taken a lot of strength and cannot be left out in an SEO strategy:

  • High quality content.
  • It is imposing itself above any other element.
  • The impact on social networks of this content.

If you intend to boost your website with SEO techniques and you missed the latest google news it would be important that you take into account these erroneous annotations:

6 Old SEO Techniques You May Be Wasting Your TimeGetting the most links means higher ranking: Now it’s a half-truth. The more QUALITY links point to your best positioned website you will be. That yes, and when we say quality there are two factors to take into account. The first is that they are related to the sector or activity of your website. The second is that they can be reputed web pages such as a relevant digital newspaper.

6 Old SEO Techniques You May Be Wasting Your Time“It’s worth spending a million dollars on a good domain”: Google has greatly reduced the importance of domains in SEO, I have to say it continues to influence and I give faith of it but not to make a big expense for some domain with some word Important key included in it.

6 Old SEO Techniques You May Be Wasting Your Time“Think well the metakeywords (tags) of pages and blog entries”: Another theme “hooded” by google. It really makes sense to have more importance to include a keyword in the title, URL and first paragraph than in the tags. Until recently, there was a lot of over-optimization of metakeywords on the net.

6 Old SEO Techniques You May Be Wasting Your Time“To position a keyword I just need to enter it everywhere and write thinking about it”: This in part remains true as long as there is not excessive keyword density in the texts. It is said that it should not increase by 10% of the total text. To this we must add one of the great innovations in the last years of SEO: Semantics. At the practical level comment that if you want to position a keyword you should use synonyms since google has learned to index it using semantic criteria.

“The more pages the better positioning”: This is not the formula for success either. The content must be in the right context, optimized for a keyword without being too blatant, shared in social networks … there are enough conditions for a content to have options to position it up. Therefore, it is worth a few pages that meet the requirements marked by Google to many pages of all irrelevant.

“Better rankings = more SEO traffic”: Here two things can happen so that it is not true at all. Firstly, if the keyword positioned is not searched by anyone on Google as you will run out of traffic. And on the other hand, if you positioned well for a keyword with traffic but the title does not attract attention the clicks will go to other results of the page.

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For the latter, what you can do is to use google’s keywordtool to ensure certain search volumes and use flashy titles that encourage you to click on your article.

What other SEO techniques have gone down in history? Do you think it has changed a lot in recent years?


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