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7 Mediterranean Places Perfect For A Getaway

7 Mediterranean Places? A weekend, a bridge or a short vacation are the perfect excuse to make a trip to the sea. And what better way than to go to some of the most beautiful places that the Mediterranean has to offer! There are options for all tastes throughout its coasts. Find out the best ideas in this article!

7 Mediterranean Places Perfect For A Getaway

If you look at a map you will notice the number of places you can visit on the shores of the Mediterranean. Sure you do not know which one to choose! Here we recommend some.

  1. Algiers (Algeria)7 Mediterranean Places

A quiet and picturesque corner of North Africa that you will love. The city of Algiers is known as “the Paris of the Maghreb”.


Not only has a beautiful harbor where you can take a walk, but its old city, called Kasbah and built in the seventeenth century, is a World Heritage Site. You cannot miss the Monument of the Martyrs either.  This is one of the best place of 7 Mediterranean Places.

  1. Bay of Kotor (Montenegro)7 Mediterranean Places

The greatest treasure of the Dalmatian Coast offers us luxury and distinction. This enclave, in the middle of a country that until recently was “annexed” to another (Serbia), is perfect for a romantic getaway. This is one of the best place of 7 Mediterranean Places.

Bay of Kotor in Montenegro

The town has a group of cobbled alleys, little squares and labyrinthine passages  that are truly beautiful World Heritage Sites. But in addition, Kotor has two beaches (Sutomore and Ulcink) and two small islands (Sveti Djorje and Gospa od Skrpjela). This is one of the best place of 7 Mediterranean Places.

  1. Capri (Italy)

If you are looking for glamor and distinction … Capri is your place. Its rugged geography has not been able to keep celebrities away from this paradisiacal destination of only 17 km². To get there many choose to go by plane to Rome, from there take a train to Sorrento or Naples and then a ferry. This is one of the best place of 7 Mediterranean Places.


The cliffs of Capri were until the nineteenth century home to seagulls and only a handful of fishermen. The island can be traveled by taxi, funicular or walking. The grotto of the Azzura is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions.

  1. Nerja (Spain)

This site was the scene of the unforgettable Summer Blue series and is characterized by its white houses with balconies full of jasmine, its beaches with turquoise waters and its harbor with fishing boats. This is one of the best place 7 Mediterranean Places.


This town belonging to the Costa del Sol is a beautiful place for a couple getaways and for those who want to enjoy the sun and the beach. Also for adventurers because of its historic caves, where researchers claim that it is the first work of art made by man.

  1. Djerba (Tunisia)

We return to Africa to go to the Gulf of Gabés. Djerba is a very beautiful island that served as an inspiring muse to Homer to write The Odyssey. It has a really wonderful medina (old city) with its mosques, restaurants to eat fish, a market (souk) and cafes in front of the sea.

Also in Djerba we can find a synagogue called La Ghirba (known as the Jerusalem of Africa), the palm grove of Guellala and the beaches of Sidi Bakur. And do not miss the camel tour! This is one of the best place of 7 Mediterranean Places.

  1. Santorini (Greece)7 Mediterranean Places

When we think of paradisiacal places on the shores of the Mediterranean, we cannot help but imagine the Greek islands, with their beautiful houses with blue roofs. One of the best known is Santorini, from which you can get by air or by sea. It has the shape of a crescent and beaches of red and black sand due to the eruption of a volcano thousands of years ago.

Greek island of Santorini

Tradition dictates that those who arrive at the port of Skala Firá have to travel by donkey on the main street. Are you a lover of good food on your trips? Santorini awaits you with hearty dishes of eggplant, peas, ham, yogurt and olives. Do not forget to take a dip on the red beach, an unforgettable experience.

  1. The Camargue (France)

There is not only beach and sand on the shores of the Mediterranean; we can also find farmland, marshes and natural parks like the one located in the Rhône river delta. The Camargue combines perfectly the plains with the lavender fields and the lagoons with pink flamingos.

The Camargue in France

Near the sea is the city of Arles, one of the oldest in France and which maintains almost intact vestiges of Roman civilization.

Undoubtedly, this article is a small sample of the beautiful places that you can find on the shores of the Mediterranean. But there are many more!

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