7 surprising foods that you can and can’t freeze

Ever wondered what can and can’t be frozen? Read on to discover some surprising foods that are and are not suitable for freezing.

7 surprising foods that you can and can't freeze

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1. Eggs

Eggs cannot be frozen in their natural raw shelled form. They can, however, be made into a quiche, omelette or frittata and then frozen. To avoid having surplus eggs that can’t be frozen, buy them as and when you need them.

2. Bread

Many people know this already and because of bread’s short shelf life, freezing it is a common solution to those who only get to the shops once a week. Just take out a slice at a time, rather than defrosting the whole loaf and then wasting half when you don’t use it. This is the perfect solution for households that consume small amounts of bread.

3. Ketchup

We can’t really think of a time when you would need to freeze ketchup, thanks to its long shelf life. Whether or not you need to even keep it in the fridge is an on-going debate. Freezing it causes the liquids to separate.

4. Al-dente Pasta

Pasta cooked any more than al dente will stick and become overcooked on its second boil. Dry pasta can’t be frozen for obvious reasons. Al dente, however, can be nicely frozen in an airtight container and can be cooked in just a couple of minutes.

5. Grated Cheese

If you want to freeze cheese, grate it first. Freezing a block causes the emulsifiers to separate leaving you with crumbly, even smelly cheese, plus grated means you can take what you need each time.

6: Grapes

Not only can grapes be frozen and then used when needed for a last minute fruit salad, but they also make ideal ice cubes for wine spritzers.

6. Milk

Milk can be frozen. Always remember to defrost milk well ahead of time, ideally the night before. In fact milk can be kept for long periods in a freezer and if you do want to freeze items over a long period, then solid door refrigeration units like those found at https://www.fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk/solid-door-refrigeration help keep consistent low temperatures.


Just like the egg, bananas freeze better not in their natural packaging. Sliced, chocolate-coated bananas are great frozen and even eaten that way.

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