Campo All'aia (Tuscany)

9 Beaches In Italy That You Can Not Miss

White sand, coves, bays … good food, excellent company and lots of sun, so are the beaches of Italy. Who would not want to be right now facing the sea? In order to at least your imagination fly or you can organize the destination of your next vacation we tell you what are the 9 beaches of Italy that you cannot miss.

Unforgettable Italian beaches

There are beaches of all kinds around the world. But like the Italians … impossible! That perfect combination of climate, atmosphere and fun can only be found on the shores of this beautiful country . Discover the most beautiful beaches in Italy for an unforgettable stay:

Grotticelle (Calabria)1. Grotticelle (Calabria)

It is located on the Costa Degli Dei and overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea, with the volcano Stromboli behind it. Capo Vaticano is an area chosen by tourists during the summer.

The bay of Grotticelle has 3 beaches with rocks, fine sand and crystal clear sea. While enjoying the views, do not forget to try the typical dishes prepared with red onion.

San Vito lo Capo (Sicily)2. San Vito lo Capo (Sicily)

In this village on the Italian west coast (more precisely in Trapani) we can have a wonderful time under the sun, but also learn about culture and tradition. This beach front villa, its port with fishermen selling freshly caught tunas and a national park (called Lo Zingaro) will be kept in your memory and in your heart.

Cala Rossa (Sicily)3. Cala Rossa (Sicily)

Again we have to talk about the Sicilian area, one of the most beautiful in the country , but in this case of the island of Favignana, included in the nature reserve of the Aegadian islands .

The name “Red Creek” (in the translation) is related to the blood shed by the Carthaginians to be defeated by the Romans (year 241 aC). Do not worry; the color of the water is dark blue and wonderful turquoise. Do not miss this beautiful natural environment!

Cala Goloritze (Sardinia)4. Cala Goloritze (Sardinia)

This beach is located south of the Gulf of Orosei in Ogliastra and is known as a natural monument that is only accessed by boat or on foot after a long walk on the Sardinian coast.

You will be out of breath for the tour, but also for the landscapes that will appear before you. The rocky walls, stones, arches and natural pinnacles make Goloritze a unique place.

Taormina (Sicily)5. Taormina (Sicily)

There is no doubt that Sicily is your destination for the next vacation. These beaches are quite popular and are located amidst a luxurious location. Taormina is picturesque and natural, here you can practice various water sports like windsurfing.

Other nearby beaches are Mazzeo, Spisone, Recanati and Isola Bella. In the evenings, nothing better than a romantic dinner with a good local wine.

Cala Mariolu (Sardinia)6. Cala Mariolu (Sardinia)

Sardinia is the second place you should go if you love the beach and plan to visit Italy. This beach in Baunei offers completely crystalline waters, stones and rocks, in addition to all the tranquility you need.

It is curious why the name it carries. So the fishermen called the monk seals that lived in the area and, by the way, the fish were stolen.

Gavitella (Campania)7. Gavitella (Campania)

This beach in Praiano, Salerno is, they say, the only one of the coast of Italy that is kissed by the sun even at night. This small cove with two terraces to enjoy at any time will make your vacation an unforgettable adventure.

It is very close to the fjord of Fuore and its waters go from deep blue to turquoise, you will be enchanted with its charm. The entire region of Praiano is beautiful and very traditional.

Marina Piccola (Capri)8. Marina Piccola (Capri)

This bay, protected by a stone wall and imposing cliffs facing the coast, will surely be in your idea of ​​paradise. Marina Piccola is an ideal place to enjoy the sea, the pleasant climate and its beautiful landscapes. To get here you must cross the Krupp Road, a pathway full of really magnificent stairs.

Campo All'aia (Tuscany)9. Campo All’aia (Tuscany)

On the island of Elba, where Napoleon was banished, you can spend an unforgettable holiday. A few meters from the shore are still kept the remains of a Roman ship that wrecked mysteriously and from which many legends come out.

Spas with white sand and beautiful water, resorts, coves and cliffs and the possibility of diving will make your stay the best of your life.

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