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UMI Touch: A Chinese Phablet Designed By The Community

UMI Touch? UMI, one of the Chinese companies that have given more talk in 2018 thanks to the launch of UMI Iron, have decided to embark on a curious project. It is not enough for UMI to launch terminals with a demolition price / performance ratio or with an above-average security section, but now they decide to make it much easier for the community by letting them decide which ones to decide. it will be the hardware that will mount the next terminal of the company. The name of this idea is ” Project Apollo” and consists of a crowdfunding campaign where users have been voting which components they wanted to be included in the terminal. The result is called UMI Touch, and it is quite good, although perhaps somewhat limited for 2016. Unfortunately, we have not known about this idea in time to be able to warn you of its advantages, but even so, we did not want to stop talking about this phablet.

UMI Touch: The perfect midrange?UMI Touch: The perfect midrange?

Gizlogic_ UMI Touch (1)Starting with the design , the first thing we have to say is that the design of this UMI Touch suspiciously resembles that of the Meizu MX5 or Redmi Note 3, a detail that we will overlook, because if you want to design a “low cost” phablet with features Decent, saving on the design of a new chassis, is a good idea. Still, this does not mean that the construction of this UMI Touch is bad, since we have a unibody chassis built in aluminum , and we must remember that the Meizu MX5 is around 300 euros and the Redmi Note 3 does not fall below 200. From UMI, they claim to have wanted to design a smartphone that was as pleasant as possible, with 45º angles both on the back and the 2.5D screenand certain details supposedly inspired by the iPhone 6s Plus. The result is a phablet that inspires a good constructive quality and with an adequate thickness of 8.8 mm, something above average, but justified by its generous battery, as we will see later.

As regards the distribution of buttons, nothing new under the sun; SIM and Micro-SD card slot on the left side , power and volume buttons on the right side , headphone jack on the top side and Micro-USB port and microphone on the bottom side . We also have a speaker on the back , at the bottom, where this UMI Touch also has a camera with dual-tone flash.

The UMI Touch seems to have a very solid construction, although we will have to wait for the first reviews to confirm it.

If we go to the field of specifications , the truth is that we are not facing a breakthrough terminal. And it is that this “freedom” that has been given to the community to choose the components has something of a trap, since it was the UMI itself that offered a list of components that could be voted on. It was clear that in a low cost phablet, we were not going to find a Snapdragon 820, but if it is true that the Mediatek MT6753 that makes use, we feel something right at this point. Let’s see in detail what they are:

Screen: 5.5 inches / Full-HD.

Processor:  Mediatek MT6753 64-bit, Octa Core at 1.3 GHz

RAM:  3 GB

Internal memory:  16 GB

Expandable memory:  Yes (using the slot for the second SIM card).

Main camera : 13 MPx (Sony IMX238) with double LED flash.

Front camera :  5 MPx

Fingerprint scanner: Yes, in Home button.

Networks: 2G (1800, 1900, 850, 900 MHz), 3G (2100, 900 MHz) and 4G-LTE (1800, 2600, 800 MHz)

Materials: Unibody metal chassis.

Weight:  190 grams

Dimensions: 154.5 x 76 x 8.8 mm.

Battery: 3,900 mAh.

Operating system:  Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Analyzing the internal components of this UMI Touch, we draw two conclusions, on the one hand, that it is not a novel smartphone in any aspect, but on the other hand, that it is a very balanced phablet in quality / price.

If we start with the screen , we find a 5.5-inch IPS panel with Full-HD resolution , something we can see in many terminals, but not in one of this price range, as we will see later. In addition, it is manufactured by Sharp, so it promises great image quality.

Moving to the SoC, although the MT6753 is a good processor, which will offer us a smooth operation in all kinds of scenarios with the exception of some demanding game or very heavy app, the truth is that we believe that if UMI had risked with the Helio P10, the SoC destined to reign in the middle range this 2016 by Mediatek, the UMI Touch would have been a much more rounded proposal. Since in some way it is a pity to integrate a generous 3GB of LPDDR3 memory, so as not to take advantage of the multitasking potential of the UMI Touch with a somewhat more solvent SoC.

It is clear that the people of UMI do not have complexes when it comes to comparing themselves with the majors of the sector.

Moving to storage, we see that we already have the typical 16 GB of storage expandable by Micro-SD, but with an advantage, that the UMI Touch will have Android 6.0, so we can install applications on the Micro-SD card natively, something that, together with a good speed card (so as not to weigh the performance of the terminal), will make space problems a thing of the past.

In the photographic section, well more of the same, the now classic 13-megapixel sensor with double-tone flash signed by Sony (SONY IMX 328 13MP) for the rear camera and a front one of 5 megapixels, whose manufacturer is unknown for now.

Generous battery and a very fast fingerprint reader for the UMI TouchGenerous battery and a very fast fingerprint reader for the UMI Touch

 UMI Touch : If we talk about two essential requirements for a competitive terminal for this recent 2016, we cannot ignore its autonomy and the increasingly abundant fingerprint reader.

UMI have been aware of this and the truth is that it seems that they have done quite well, because, although they have had to sacrifice a bit the thinness of their UMI Touch, they have managed to put 3900 mAh of battery , something that together with a low consumption processor, we should offer two days of normal use, something that is very appreciated. Although of course, it will be necessary to check the quality of said battery before throwing the bells on the fly, since it is not the first time that we have encountered real autonomies that did not conform to what was announced.

On the other hand, from UMI boast of the speed of your fingerprint reader, which contrary to what happens in the Redmi Note 3 or the Meizu MX5, have decided to host it in the start button . From UMI ensure that it is able to unlock your UMI Touch in just 0.1 seconds, something that we hope will not remain in simple marketing and that we will check with the first reviews live.

Conclusions and availability of the UMI TouchUMI Touch

Gizlogic_ UMI Touch (5)The UMI Touch has a priori everything necessary to become the phablet mid-range par excellence, a solvent octa-core processor, a good amount of RAM, an acceptable photographic section, a good autonomy and the already indispensable fingerprint reader; all wrapped in a beautiful metal chassis.

We hope that UMI will be able to live up to the expectations created and that this terminal arrives on the market with a polished software, without relevant bugs or defective components. If they do their homework well, this terminal can become a sales success.

The UMI Touch will be in pre-sale until March 20, according to the official website of UMI Spain. Its price? 170 dollars, about 157 euros, although it is more than likely that in the classic Chinese websites you can get a better price once the presale is over. Still, it seems a very good price for a terminal of these characteristics, and this, at this stage of the film, is not to say little.

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