Unotec Smartband

Unotec Smartband, Another Economic Quantifying Bracelet

Unotec Smartband? Every day there are more wereables, whether smartwatches or smartbands.  These brands are being launching smart bracelet. These are increasing the options of consumers. Not long ago we brought you our top quantifying wristbands.

Today we talk about the Unotec  Smartband, the bet of the Spanish brand for a market every day greater.

Design and materials, simplicity above all

A sports bracelet, in principle, is not designed to have our fingers on all day. In fact, the ideal is not knowing that we have it on unless it vibrates. The recharged designs and little ergonomic. Although sometimes they may seem better option, they end up not being so.

Forget the cables with the owner’s connection with the USB Type A of the Unotec Smartband.

The Unotec  Smartband will not leave us dissatisfied in this regard. Its thin lines and sober finishings will not make it stand out, whatever your wardrobe. Although the centerpiece is removed to charge the device. There are no bracelets to exchange other colors or materials, so we will have to keep the bracelet black.

Unotec SmartbandUnotec Smartband

The screen of the Unotec  Smartband offers texts in light blue and a black background. A contrast that makes it easy to read the information even in bright sunlight . Next to the screen we have the button that will allow us to move between the options.

When charging the device is interesting to note that we will not need any cable. Since the Unotec Smartband has a USB Type A connector included. So we can leave the core of the bracelet attached to the charger, good news for the prone to lose cables.

Technical specifications of the Unotec SmartbandTechnical specifications of the Unotec Smartband

  • Display: OLED
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Compatibility: Android 2.3+ or iOS 7.0+
  • Battery: Li-Po. 10 days in Stand-by and at least 5 days with intensive use
  • Resistance to water and dust: IP57

Functions: Step control, sleep, sedentary lifestyle, calories and distance. Clock, alarm, notifications, anti-theft, anti-loss and photo trigger.

Colors: Black

Contents of the box : Unotec Smartband, Instruction manual in several languages.

Simple and without fanfare, this is the case of the Unotec Smartband.

As you can see, the Unotec Smartband includes several interesting functions. We have the usual step and dream tracking. The first derives the control of calories and distances, since it does not analyze them. That would require more sensors and GPS, calculates them from our activity. We move on to the follow-up of sedentary lifestyle, which although it may be useful. We will surely deactivate it while we work or are in class.

We also have an interesting clock and alarm function that will allow us to dispense with our usual watch. Thus lightening our wrist.

If we go to the connection with the smartphone, notification control (we must see how many applications are compatible) is very interesting. Is that when we have SMSs to read on the screen of the Unotec Smartband we will see an envelope accompanied by the number of messages. We also have an anti-loss system, which can be especially useful. If we do not want to have to enter the Device Manager or Find My iPhone every time our phone stays between the cushions of the sofa .

The Unotec Smartband app, BODY SENSOR, has an interface that recalls the design lines of Material Design. It is available for Android and iOS.

In addition to an anti-loss system, the Unotec Smartband has an anti-theft system, which will make our bracelet vibrate.  Our mobile ring when one moves away from the other beyond the bluetooth range. This is an almost essential function, however, eye to have it always activated since we will get the phone to ring if we go to another room without it, I personally recommend limiting the use of this function to exteriors. Finally, the Unotec Smartband, thanks to its button, can serve as a camera trigger. Something that some may need if they use large phones where it is sometimes difficult to reach the center of the screen with one hand.

Also note that the Unotec  Smartband has IP57 certification, so we can shower with it. Although its use in swimming pools and the sea will be better to limit it, in case we exceeded the maximum times (30 minutes).

All the data of the Unotec Smartband will be registered in the BODY SENSOR app. An app with a nice design but that has had a lot of negative feedback in the app stores.

Conclusions and final considerations

The Unotec Smartband is a good sports bracelet. which, being a Spanish brand, will have a good after-sales service, something that is always positive. The weak point of this bracelet is its app, which can be solved with more or less regular updates.

On the occasion of Black Friday, you can find this bracelet in PC Componentes for only 18.95 $, a very competitive price that makes this bracelet a really interesting option.

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