Bear Grylls Opens Obstacle Course in Croydon

The often controversial survival expert has brought his skills a little closer to home with a new fitness concept at the Oxygen Freejumping franchise. Described as “functional fitness”, the course is designed to emulate Bear’s own method of staying in peak physical condition.

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The Tough Get Rough….

Never one to be outdone, Bear’s course is a multi level, high demand physical experience. Described as high intensity, challenge-focused fitness, you’ll need to be prepared both physically and psychologically before you sign up for your session. So grab your toughest Vanquest bag, pack your most hard-core trainers and some durable fitness wear, and head down to your nearest centre. Available in Croydon, Derby or Manchester, this type of training is not for the faint hearted.

What Can I Expect?

If conventional treadmill pounding at the gym leaves you cold, you will find inspiration and hopefully motivation in the new Bear Grylls fitness courses. They are designed to put your body through it’s paces in similar ways to tough physical situations you might encounter when out exploring in the wild, as explored in TimeOut.

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Because the course aims to replicate the way you would use your muscles to navigate tough situations in the natural world, the argument goes that this is a much more worthwhile and satisfying way to exercise. In short, it is how our bodies are supposed to move.

How Can I Prepare?

Apart from being an excellent excuse to invest in some high quality tog like this, you will need to make sure you are already reasonably fit and healthy. This is a demanding, intensive experience, and you will need a minimum level of fitness before you can even begin.

But more importantly than that, you need to be mentally dedicated to pushing yourself and stretching your boundaries. As with everything Bear Grylls does, this is about adventure and challenge. You must be prepared to leave your comfort zone behind and be prepared to ask more of your body and mind than you thought possible.

There are four different levels that you can work through, depending upon your current levels of fitness and experience. So you don’t have to be a marine to join, but you will probably feel like one when Bear and his team have finished with you.

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