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The Key To Evolve: Best Sports Motivation For Everyone

Sports Motivation? A few months ago we organized a fitness school in which I was the moderator of the event, but I was going to present a small talk that in the end I did not have the time or courage to expose it. The talk was about what was, from my point of view, the key to evolve, which was none other than motivation. Today I have rescued it and I have enlarged it and divided it into two parts so that we can treat all the points.

Personal motivationPersonal motivation

My knowledge of nutrition and training are beginner compared to the monsters that write in this blog. What little I know I have learned on my own, reading a lot, trying more and messing up again and again, yes without stopping trying, and this is thanks to my stubbornness, or rather the motivation that has led me the want to challenge myself .

Many times you have mistakenly heard that fitness is 70% diet and 30% training, or not, that it is 100% diet and 100% training, well I believe that fitness, and any sport, is 100% motivation , since Without motivation neither the diet nor the training will be as they should, since at the minimum we will fail irremediably.

Best Sports Motivation

A person without personal motivation will not get any results, in fact as a rule, these people leave the sport (or anything) quickly, immediately see the bad side of things, everything has its problem, if I do not have time, if it costs a lot, that if there are many people, that if it is very expensive, that if it is complicated, that if this, that if the other. They have excuses of all kinds, and the pros of doing any activity, especially sports, weigh much less than the cons and therefore the minimum they leave.

An exceptional caseAn exceptional case

However, anyone who finds something that Sports Motivation forĀ  him or her will really change drastically, and what previously seemed only within the reach of very few will see it feasible at 100%. This was the case of my friend Samu, whom I met a few years ago when we were selected to do the Men’s Health magazine’s resistance challenge, which consisted of preparing and running an Ironman distance triathlon, which is 3.8km swim, 180km swim bike and 42km running. At that time Samu, 33, weighed 79kg but the surprising thing is that less than 2 years ago he had exceeded 150kg .

His life was that of a normal boy who liked food, like everyone else, who is going to tell us, and that each time it was harder to play sports, he tried to go for a run but he drowned, until one day, he looked His scale and he realized that at that rate he would not be able to make a normal life. It turns out that he saw a triathlon on TV and it struck him so much that his motivation to get in shape grew exponentially . He began to take care of himself, to feel pleasure in trying, to stop eating trinkets between hours, to better select his food, and he started to play sports.

At first it was hard, but he was 100% motivated and nothing and no one was going to prevent him from fulfilling his dreams. He did a bike, he ran, he swam, he went out in the mountains … what he saw before as excessive suffering now was pure pleasure, and the only thing that had changed was his motivation. He did not go to any dietitian, to any guru, or did any miraculous diet, he was so motivated by the desire to make an Ironman that had come out of his comfort zone in one jump .

The comfort zone

I imagine that the vast majority is familiar with the concept of comfort zone, which we can summarize simply in our way of living, that way or place where we feel at ease, without excessive problems, without great efforts.

For sedentary people, the comfort zone is that world where there are no physical efforts , where sweating is restricted to the moments of sunbathing on the beach, or take some squid battered in Seville at 12 in the morning in August.

Other people have a comfort zone where doing 20km running a day is not a problem, where trying to beat the guiness record of dominated ballast is the daily bread, where muscle failure is the special moment of the day.

Sports motivationSports motivation

It is clear that finding the sports motivation as happened to my friend Samuel to do a sports activity, whatever it is, is not an easy task, but we can draw a clear conclusion on what Samu did, he did not change because he was told by the doctor, nor because his mother-in-law told him how fat he was, nor did he do it for his health, Samu was in shape for the same, for being challenged, for fulfilling his dreams , so he did not hesitate and fought to change his comfort zone.

This is very important, there are many people who are motivated but not by him but by an external circumstance and if that circumstance changes his motivation will inevitably fall apart. For example, if we start doing weights because our partner likes, we can maintain that motivation as long as we maintain that partner, but if the relationship ends, as a rule, the motivation is over (I say by rule because sometimes you get caught the worm to the weights and there is no one to leave them).

Hence, ideally, sports motivation should focus, whenever possible, on oneself, that is, motivate yourself to do something that exceeds you , that is a personal challenge. Personally, my motivation is always based on making a challenge that costs me to perform, whether it is doing a resistance trail, putting myself in my best physical shape with 40 years to prove that age is not an excuse, participating in an extreme reality, preparing in 9 months an Ironman, perform the 10km in less than 40 minutes, try to finish a zone 7+ in a climbing wall or whatever I can think of. We all have thousands of sporting challenges to face.

That will that I need gives me the motivation to surpass myself in a sporting activity, it’s my sports motivation, I do not care if the one next to me has more muscle, be faster or more endurance than me running, I do not care my partner asks for it, my Albacete primate or my best friend, I do it for me, to improve myself, to challenge me.

If I did it for something or someone that was not me, it would not depend exclusively on me and therefore the motivation would not be so high, besides any setback in that motivation external to me could make me fail in my attempt.

In the end it may be that the challenge is achieved or not, that is not 100% sure, but what is clear is that you will fight with all your strength to achieve it , since you do it for you, because you want to do it, you want to improve yourself and prove to yourself exclusively of what pasta you are made of.

Eye! With this I do not mean that any other sports motivation is not good, you just have to remember the video that I have put where a man over 60 years makes an Ironman because his tetraplegic son had always dreamed of making one, and he man, nor Short and lazy, he manages to do it with his son in tow, first tied in a canoe when he swims, then carrying it in the front of the bike and ending up pushing a cart with the son inside while the marathon runs.

This man does all this for the motivation that produces the love for his son , that motivation for him moves mountains and manages to do things unimaginable for the rest of us, I cannot even imagine the training of this man to achieve such a feat.

It’s not always as easy as it seems

But sometimes things get out of control, for example, my challenge this year was to do the Spartan Race , it was not a very demanding challenge but, after a couple of years focused exclusively on weights, I would improve my fitness cardiovascular, my resistance. My motivation was very high, but once again the shoulder said enough.

When I trained for the Ironman I was detected a SLAP in the left shoulder , something like a hanging of the tendon, some doctors told me to have surgery and others that did not, so once I finished that challenge I stopped swimming for so many hours ( more than anything because I was diagnosed with pericarditis) and so the pain subsided, easing completely.

The problem is that since July of last year the pain has become much stronger, now it hurts without doing anything, just by sitting in a car for more than an hour it hurts, so as you can imagine I had to leave the weights, and my goal of Spartan Race may not be carried out, but that has not caused my motivation to decline, the only thing I have done is change my goals.

I have a problem in the shoulder, perfect, it is assumed, and as this prevents me from doing weights with the upper train, and even bothers me in many exercises of the lower train, I look for another challenge, for example running. The only thing I have had to do is vary my goals, now I focus exclusively on running, with some days of weight training of the lower train.

The goal is to be faster than my past self, I’ve always wanted to get off the 40minutes in the 10km, an easy time for many of you, but since I’m not you, my goal is quite demanding for me , but as you can imagine my Motivation is back to 100%.

How do you see if a person has so much sports motivation and sport focuses on it as a personal challenge (although it can be perfectly focused as a way of spending entertaining time), it does not cost him anything to change the challenge.

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