Accessories included with the Blitzwolf K3

Blitzwolf K3, May The Power Banks Tremble!

Blitzwolf K3? That technology advances by leaps and bounds, is something that no longer surprises anyone. But finding gadgets like the one we present you today inevitably makes us pinch ourselves to see if it’s a dream or if some genius really has been able to do something like that … and carry it out.

Blitzwolf K3Blitzwolf K3

The power banks have taken off in 2018 that we are close to closing, almost all of us have one in the bedroom and it is true that more than one of us have been spared what could have been a hurry during a trip or one of those days We arrived home later than expected. The autonomy of batteries is still the great unresolved issue of smartphone manufacturers and, while they seek the remedy for our ills, powerbanks or external batteries are presented as the best solution today.

Today we talk about a most unique gadget, a gadget that you will surely want to have after finishing reading our review. This is  Blitzwolf K3, a power bank with 12,000 mAh capable of starting up the battery of a car.

Blitzwolf K3

The Blitzwolf K3 has a capacity of 12,000 mAh

Design of the Powerbank Blitzwolf K3Blitzwolf K3

It is true that there are other more attractive, compact and cheaper external batteries with similar capacity, such as the impressive Xiaomi Power bank of 10,000 mAh . But the functions of the  Blitzwolf K3 are from another galaxy.

Its design is also quite particular. Aesthetically perhaps it reminds us more of one of those old flashlights for the car than a power bank and certainly we are not very misguided.

In the upper part we find the on / off button and a flashlight , which turns this power bank into a 2 in 1 that not only allows us to charge our devices, but also to illuminate us in situations of low light.

Top view of the Blitzwolf K3

For its part, the side leaves us a battery indicator, two USB ports, a connector to recharge the gadget itself and an “Engine Start” connection, the most interesting and is that thanks to it we can even start the battery of our car such and as the drawing shows.

Inputs and connectors of the Blitzwolf K3

Built in a combination of blue and black to match the case to store the power station and its accessories, the Blitzwolf K3 has a very eye-catching design and, although somewhat rough in width, it is still appropriate for the type of device with which we are dealing.

Technical characteristics of the Blitzwolf K3

Summarizing the main technical characteristics of a gadget like this, it is interesting that you know the following data of the Blitzwolf K3 before getting one:

  • Battery capacity: 12,000 mAh
  • Charging time of the battery:  3 hours
  • USB: Yes, 2 (5V 1A / 5V 2.1A)
  • Flashlight mode
  • LED for remaining battery indicator
  • Start of current: 200a
  • Maximum current point: 400a
  • Weight: 385 grams

Cargadita extras …

One of the things we liked the Blitzwolf K3 and probably for many is sufficient reason for your purchase is the amount of accessories and extras included in the initial package that we will receive at home after placing the order.

Accessories included with the Blitzwolf K3Accessories included with the Blitzwolf K3

In addition to the power bank (or power station as it calls itself in its own box), we will find a large enough cover to keep it, very practical to carry all the cables and utensils of the Blitzwolf K3. The package also contains an AC charger, a USB cable, a cigarette lighter charger and clips to start the car.

Flashlight, battery indicator, fast charge mode … something else?

In the details is the difference and these little things are what make the Blitzwolf K3 a brown beast of the most complete. Especially interesting were the three modes of the flashlight. We can put it on automatic to directly illuminate a point, on intermittent if we want to call the attention of something or someone and even in a kind of flash more powerful in case we need to ask for help, for example if we suffer a breakdown with the car on a road secondary or if we get lost in the field after a night excursion.

The battery indicator, something that we usually see in the rest of power banks, although it is not new, it is always useful to have it to be cautious and know when we will abandon this extra shot of energy.

Finally, we find it interesting to highlight the fast charge mode if we select the USB 5V / 2.1A .

So, is this power station missing something? There is nothing perfect and of course everything can be improved. Perhaps the only thing we could ask the Blitzwolf K3 to give him a license plate of honor would be a wireless charging option to not depend on cables. There is no doubt that soon we will see something like that, meanwhile we will continue to carry the USB cable in order to bring back to life our smartphone or tablet.

Obviously, a large capacity is always accompanied by a large size (at least for now) and this case is not an exception, if you are looking for a powerbank to always carry over, this is not your powerbank =).

Start the battery of your car with the Blitzwolf K3

But undoubtedly the highlight and the one that has given its deserved fame to the Blitzwolf K3 is its ability to start the battery of our car. We can say little about this point and it is that all or almost all of us have happened to us on at least one occasion that when we go to take the car it does not respond. Sometimes we can solve it simply with a pair of tweezers and avoid the bad drink of being late to work or calling the crane so that you can move the car to the nearest workshop.

The Blitzwolf K3 comes fully prepared to start the car battery without having to do extra maneuvers like pushing it, thanks to the 400 amp peaks it reaches. It should be noted that in its manual indicates that it is necessary that the battery has not run out completely, ie, that the car must make the threat to start but then not get it. If many days have passed or the battery is completely empty, the powerbank will not have enough power.

The Blitzwolf K3 is the all-rounder of the power banks

Price and availability

The Blitzwolf K3 is now available in stores like Banggood for a price of 66 dollars (just under 60 euros) . Of course, it comes with all its arsenal of accessories included and the most interesting thing is that we can choose the type of plug we need according to our country of origin (European, American, Australian or English plug).

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