BMW 218d Active Tour Luxury

BMW 218d Active Tourer Luxury: Dynamism And Functionality

  BMW 218d ? As we anticipate through social networks, a few hours ago we went to try the new BMW 2 Series Active Tourer , a vehicle that undoubtedly raised much controversy to be the first vehicle in the history of BMW with front-wheel drive and the second in riding under the hood three-cylinder engines.

BMW 218d Active Tour LuxuryBMW 218d Active Tour Luxury

I’m not going to say no, the truth is that when I heard that the German brand was going to offer a vehicle with front-wheel drive I also threw my hands to my head, spitting toads and snakes through my mouth and thinking about the loss of identity of the brand, however, now I can only say that it is a vehicle that has to be tried, known and studied in order to speak.

We can not say that the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer is a pure BMW but we can say that the sports DNA of the brand is more than present in this minivan model , which now becomes the most sporty on the market. Eye that in this case we do not speak of an uncomfortable or brusque sportsmanship, we speak to you of a sensation that nothing has to do with the one that offer other models of the competition, What do you think if we talk more in depth? This is the best system of  BMW 218d Active Tour Luxury.

Exterior designBMW 218d Active Tour Luxury

There is no doubt that the 2 Series Active Tourer is a BMW in terms of exterior design. On its front we find the characteristic kidneys with vertical chrome slats. On both sides of these iconic air intakes our unit mounted headlights with Bi-LED lighting as BMW intends to abandon the xenon in its next models . If you like xenon, do not panic as this technology has the luminosity of a comparable xenon system, equipped with LED light rings for daylight, however, it only consumes half of its energy .

The aerodynamic coefficient (cW) of the new model is 0.26, which confirms its excellent aerodynamic qualities. The covers behind the BMW double ovoid grille, which are activated as required, as well as the corresponding lower air inlets, contribute to the excellent cw value and low consumption of the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer. This is the system of  BMW 218d Active Tour Luxury.

This lighting will be available from the second finish, the ADVANTAGE (+1,800 euros compared to the finished series, below we will detail the finishes and their extra costs so you can evaluate)

Continuing with the front design, under the license plate located in the central position we will meet again with a horizontal air intake with plates in the same position. Escorting this air intake we will encounter the location of the front fog lamps. At this same height, in case of equipping them we will find the recommended front parking sensors.

Dimensions BMW 2 Series Active Tourer: Although the length is 4,342 millimeters, the width is 1,800 millimeters and the height is 1,555 millimeters, the model offers enough space for five people to travel comfortably with luggage.

The lines of the front are transferred to the rest of the vehicle through a domed and light hood. The strikingly slanted windshield and the bonnet lines and surfaces make the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer look lower and sporting a strong image. This is the system of BMW 218d.

To locate the new model we could say that it is a vehicle 2 cm higher in the driving position than the BMW X1 – See test BMW X1 -, has practically the same measures as its competitor Mercedes – See test Mercedes-Benz Class B -, is 2 cm longer than a BMW 1 Series 5-door – See BMW 1 Series test – and 1 cm taller than a BMW X1.

Seen from the side, the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer has several concave and convex surfaces that extend along the side. The most important is the one that is at the height of the ergonomic door handles and that extends to the rear of the vehicle. Our unit had a keyless opening and closing system with which it was enough to approach the vehicle and grab the handle to open the vehicle.

The wedge-shaped silhouette offers a very dynamic look to the model. The side view is completed with the assembly of 16-inch alloy wheels as standard equipment. In our unit, when assembling the Luxury finish, it equipped a 17-inch alloy wheels with double spokes equipped with Pirelli P Zero tires in dimensions 225/45 R18 91W . This is the system of BMW 218d.

It is striking that the model behind is very wide. The rear pilots have the typical L-shaped shape. If the client wishes, he can opt for wider rear lights of LED technology that extend considerably on the sides of the car, thus establishing a harmonious nexus between the rear and the sides at the height of the wheel arches.

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Thanks to the load floor of the trunk very low and the large space that leaves the door open, it is very easy to access the trunk and load heavy objects . In the rear window we can see deflectors mounted in vertical position, which together with the rear spoiler complete the modern design. The wiper, while not in use, disappears under the wing .

Interior designBMW 218d Active Tour Luxury

If the front wheel drive has not been enough change for you perhaps the internal restructuring of the elements of the console is.

Pass to be a BMW of the Series 2, the interior does not have much to do with those that we have found in the test of the BMW 2 Series – See test BMW 2 Series -. Well, let’s clarify this: Yes, it is a BMW and aspects such as the instrument panel or most of the systems do not change, but what has changed is the distribution or location of the elements. This is the system of BMW 218d.

Once we sit down in the steering wheel of the model we will realize that it is a vehicle of the most premium sector of the compact car segment that combines an exemplary spaciousness, a high comfort with great functionality and, in addition, with the dynamism of the cars. models of the BMW brand. This is the system of BMW 218d.

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