BMW I8 Mirrorless Concept: Forget Classic Mirrors The Future Is Digital

BMW I8 Mirrorless Concept: Forget Classic Mirrors The Future Is Digital

They say that mirrors will be a thing of the past in the near future , but the truth is that for now few models have come to production using cameras instead of mirrors – for example, the Volkswagen XL1 -. However, we have seen several prototypes that extol this proposal. Without going any further, yesterday we were talking about the  McLaren 675LT JVCKENWOOD, whose cameras and its peculiar Formula 1 steering wheel have raised great expectations at the Las Vegas 2016 CES.

BMW I8 Mirrorless Concept: Forget Classic Mirrors The Future Is DigitalToday, we continue in the field of conceptual supercars with the BMW i8 Mirror less, a version of the Bavarian portent that renounces the exterior mirrors to replace them with cameras. If a few days ago the BMW i Vision Future Interaction Concept surprised us with a wide technological cast, our protagonist today is not short. And is that, after all, what better car than the most futuristic BMW model to present all the news that we will see in its future range?

BMW I8 Mirrorless Concept: Forget Classic Mirrors The Future Is DigitalBMW i8 Mirrorless

Well said and done the BMW i8 Mirrorless renounces the classic rear view mirrors to replace the vision through these by a single digital image formed from three sources of capture located in two extremely aerodynamic side supports and the upper edge of the Rear window of the sports car. Actually, the idea is not so far-fetched, because today the high-resolution cameras are quite economical and the screens inside our vehicles are offering greater possibilities.

With them not only achieved greater viewing angle that prevents the existence of blind spots , but the use of a digital mirror also allows fair warning signs are displayed at the right time. By way of example, the system can evaluate camera images and “draw” the path of a vehicle approaching from behind, and then warn the driver that he is about to change lanes of imminent danger.

BMW I8 Mirrorless Concept: Forget Classic Mirrors The Future Is DigitalLooking for new car?

With this system we also avoid the pre-use settings, since its configuration is the same for all users, regardless of their height. In addition, the wind resistance of the side supports is much lower, thereby increasing the efficiency of the vehicle and reducing noise to the passenger compartment for greater comfort of passengers.

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The interior rearview mirror is in turn replaced by a high resolution screen 30 centimeters wide and 7.5 centimeters high, which is in charge of displaying the image projected by the cameras. Additionally, the side supports also equip dead-angle detection light, in case the driver does not notice the warning that appears on the screen.

Although it may be difficult at first to get the idea, it must be borne in mind that traditional mirrors little or nothing favor the aerodynamics of the vehicle, however well designed they may be. If we add that in a model like the BMW i8, the design of the rear and the small size of the rear window make the vision even more difficult , the formula of digital cameras seems round. And all this without taking into account the propensity of the mirrors to breaks, bumps and breakdowns or the reflections that occur on sunny days, which is a separate theme…

BMW i8 Mirrorless

The lenses are protected with glass Gorilla Glass 2, which provides a surface of great resistance to scratches and scratches; is designed to repel dirt and water; and delivers a crisp, high-resolution image in any ambient and light conditions.

At the moment, the BMW i8 Mirrorless is only a  concept , but the Bavarian brand has wanted to let us fall so advanced that this technology has that we are going to make us the idea . If we consider all its virtues, it would not be surprising that we will soon see this solution in its next models of series, especially in the most sportive of the range.

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As you know, the BMW i8 is a somewhat special sport because of its hybrid character, but little or nothing has to envy any other model of the brand as it equips a gasoline engine of 3 cylinders with technology TwinPower and a power of 231 CV with a torque of 320 Nm. But here it does not end everything, because its hybrid part also contributes its own with 131 hp more and a maximum torque of 250 Nm. Together with the two engines, it adds a power of 266 kW / 362 hp with a maximum torque of 570 Nm and is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h in just 4.4 seconds.

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