Boiler breakdown: how many households were affected in the last year?

Although it’s usually hidden away, your boiler is an important part of your household. If it goes wrong, you’ll certainly know about it.

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As your boiler provides both heating and hot water, if you’re unfortunate enough to experience its breakdown, you and your family will be left without the means to wash and keep warm. If your boiler breaks down in the middle of a cold snap, you’ll be left shivering.

Boiler breakdowns

According to a recent survey, around 18% of boilers, nearly one in five, broke down during the last 12 months.

Although this means 82% worked perfectly well, those 18% of householders were faced with both inconvenience and an unexpected bill.

Repairing a boiler can be expensive. On average, people have to pay £270 in repair costs each time their boiler breaks down.

If you need a Guildford boiler repair firm, such as, or one from another part of the country, check out their rates before asking them to come round.

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Just over half of those people affected said they paid for repairs by using their savings, although a considerable proportion had to rely on credit cards and even payday loans in order to cover the cost.

If you worry about having to cover the cost of a boiler repair, there are certain options you could look at.

Household insurance

The first is to check whether your boiler is already covered by your household insurance. Some insurance providers automatically include central heating system cover as part of their policy, but not everyone does, so you need to check the details or ask your provider.

However, according to The Telegraph, often when cver is included on household insurance, the limits are set pretty low.

This means you may not be covered for the full amount should the worst occur and you need to replace your boiler. It is therefore definitely worth looking closely at the small print.

Boiler cover

Another option which is proving popular is specific boiler insurance. This can be provided just as cover for breakdowns, or to include an annual service, which is often better value for money. Either one will provide valuable peace of mind.

However, older boilers may not be eligible for such cover, so it is important to check first.

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