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Aerobic Capacities Seminar Applied To The Crossfit

Seminar Applied To The Crossfit? This past December 5 I had the privilege of attending the Seminar on Aerobic Capacity taught by Coach Chris Hinshaw, which took place in the CrossFit Valdemoro box.

I have to say, that it is possibly the seminar in which I have learned the most knowledge and the greatest repercussion has caused me

It’s amazing, when you know part of the subject, but someone in such a world category is able to convey complex concepts in a simple way, in a pleasant way that gives you nothing to blink at all, and that your mind processes them in real time, creating new mental schemes that you will apply later in your workouts. Those have been my feelings.

Who Chris Hinshaw?Who Chris Hinshaw?

Chris Hinshaw has been an elite athlete in Ironman mode as well as a high performance swimmer for almost a decade. Among his palmares you can find:

On a collective level, he has also been a member of the American Ironman team.

He has in his training the titles of CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Competitor Course certified, CrossFit Endurance certified, CrossFit Mobility certified, Certified Rocktape Doc, brUTE Strenght Coach, Vivendi Lab Scientist, and coach at NorCal CrossFit.

As he told us in the seminar, his volume of training was to maintain during the week a whopping of the following distances:

This training is in the hands of very few people worldwide, only reserved for organisms capable of supporting this volume and resistance (both physical and mental). Given this magnitude of each session, united of course to the competitions, caused a exhaustion and extreme fatigue in the body of Chris, leading to a further reflection after finishing his career, to deepen and assess what had failed, how could there be improved, and above all, seek maximum efficiency, to achieve transmit all these answers to their future students.

One of its premises when facing any test or focus on a new goal, is to pre-mentalize that it will not be easy, but you will have to “suffer” to improve, and more if we talk about an athletic ability as is the Physical Resistance.

Chris calls it “Psychological Training”, being necessary therefore, to get to know or be willing to support such training beforehand, so that it does not catch us by surprise. This is all about the Seminar Applied To The Crossfit.

Athletes training Chris HinshawAthletes training Chris Hinshaw

As I said in the prologue, this seminar has been of a high quality, given that it has been awarded by a coach of world-class athletes, mostly related to CrossFit.

Throughout the reading, we were presented with concise examples of the approach to training that he planned on one of these athletes for illustrative purposes. He began by pointing out the weaknesses that kept these athletes in a state of no progress or that prevented them from progressing.

It is important to remember that a multidisciplinary sport, such as CrossFit, where equitable dedication to each sporting variant is necessary (gymnastics, weightlifting …), as well as the physical qualities of the individual, seeking to achieve maximum progress in each of them in a way parallel.

Chris Hinshaw dedicated much of his beginnings as a coach, to train for free many CrossFit athletes from around the world. It sought to collect and compile the maximum number of samples to contribute to generate a historical file with data of these athletes, and thus be able to observe the similar characteristics and pattern that was repeated in all.

In this way, Chris managed to gather up to 15,000 samples, obtaining valuable results in his study, where the variables Speed and Resistance were the terms to be conjugated in the equation.

CrossFit stands out for its high intensity character, but that however often leaves out a very important component: muscular endurance. And we talk about resistance, for example, when it comes to a test of 1600 meters. On the other hand, it can be seen that a CrossFit athlete “can be better prepared” for speed, as is the case of the 400 meters.

The relationship of these two parameters was the workhorse that Chris has managed to get along and take the fruit of his research to help the athletes.

One of the examples that surprised me the most was the evolution of Rich Froning, a 4-time champion of the CrossFit Games, and the flagship of this sport. Well in the competition of the Games in 2014 suffered the consequences of lack of adaptation to aerobic endurance, as could be seen in the test “Triple 3” which consisted of 3,000 meters of rowing, 300 jumps double under the rope and 3 miles running. Froning came to lift in Sentadilla de Arrancada (OHS) 171kg, a weight that few approached, but in the following aerobic effort paid the consequences of his lack of work in this variable. That’s why we are talking about the Seminar Applied To The Crossfit.

Because of this, and as all lovers of this sport already know and who know the character of Froning, just after the competition, was placed in the hands of Chris Hinshaw, a post to improve their weakness: aerobic endurance. And said and done, after 12 weeks of planned training, Rich managed to beat his resistance marks, without losing speed, and giving rise to a curious phenomenon that Hinshaw also revealed to us: all the athletes he trains under his directives, they get not only to improve the quality and objective for those who train (resistance), but to achieve better marks in the strength uprisings.

Alongside the name of Rich Froning, other world top athletes can be mentioned, such as: Jason Khalipa, Katrin Davidsdottir, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, Sara Sigmundsdóttir, Noah Ohlsen, …

That is to say, the highest portents of this sport. All have been placed in the hands of Chris, achieving the objectives that were scored efficiently and in a truly record time. This demonstrates the maximum use of each session. This is the another way to Seminar Applied To The Crossfit.

Applied knowledge for CrossFitApplied knowledge for CrossFit

The background of everything exposed in the Seminar, has helped me to change my mentality when planning my training, especially for the part of “Endurance” or character of resistance. Also, in the part of strength and explosiveness, thanks to the knowledge received, I can combine all the variables in a single session and progress and progress together.

One of the key points of the presentation has been to get to know how to combine the energy substrates during an effort, how your body makes use of each of them in each stage, and how it is necessary to go through the correct training, the stimuli appropriate with which the body will “learn” to support and be willing to do so, in each new physical activity. This is the system of Seminar Applied To The Crossfit.

During the course of the seminar, two practical tests took place (along with two readings). In the first practical part, there was a warm-up, where once again, Chris explained the importance of this point when starting a training session.

In the other part, where a load was applied, if you recorded one of the explanatory points of the seminar, how lactic acid affects your performance. This threshold is the one that is tried to increase in each session, through a strategic planing designed to enhance our capabilities.

As is well known, lactate is the residual product as a metabolic waste of certain anaerobic efforts (absence of oxygen). The more trained our body is to “endure” this alteration that takes place at the blood level, the better athletes we will be.

In the seminar, the test that took place, was to combine this fact and transfer it to the race, squeezing to the maximum our capacity. This is also another way to Seminar Applied To The Crossfit.

It is really necessary to be physically prepared to “attempt” in this way against our body

The conditioning once again, sports planning. Uniting science and extrapolating it in the sporting framework, via high-level athletes, has been the achievement of Chris Hinshaw, showing the experience and the total mastery of what is intended to be transmitted.

As usual, always seeks their participation in sporting events of these characteristics (Fitness School), where the sports fundamentals are exposed, and then later, the participants can put them to the test. This is the system of Seminar Applied To The Crossfit.

On this occasion, each participant was given a Sports Pocket Bag with two important products, very related to the theme, such as:

Evocarbs , triple matrix of carbohydrates (fructose, maltodextrin and dextrose) together with electrolytes

Evobcaa’s , powerful formula of branched amino acids with the highest ratio on the market, 12: 1: 1, and with the addition of glutamine

These two supplements are basic for any athlete of the characteristics that could be found this day in the Valdemoro box. In this way, HSN wanted to have this detail to enhance and improve recoveries in the demanding sessions of CrossFit!

Likewise, samples of the best-selling protein were also given at our store, Evowhey . The collective response to these products was very positive, as well as the gratitude that we received through the server. This is other way to Seminar Applied To The Crossfit.

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