Co-working Conundrums – How to Successfully Navigate Co-working

The co-working revolution in America has transformed the landscape to the point that everyone, from full-time workers to contractors, are beginning to think differently about work. The trendy, cool spots that are used by these young, hip professionals are becoming attractive to even corporate business who see the value of co-working spaces. With the numerous co-working spaces cropping up, though, you can only imagine what it must be like to find the perfect spot for your business.

The workspaces are becoming popular because of the mix of social interaction that accompanies work. In a typical office, you might find professionals from a variety of industries working alongside each other. Please click on Servcorp’s website link at to learn how some co-working spaces are organised.

Let’s take a look at how you can successfully use the co-working space to your advantage and move your business in the right direction.

Find The Right Space

Keep in mind that there are all sorts of co-working spaces. You have the very general spaces that cater to all industries, there are the industry-specific spaces that focus on a particular profession, and then there are the niche spaces. Part of getting the benefit of co-working is choosing a space that will give you the most opportunities to raise your business’s profile.

Either way, you want to join a space where the business’s attitudes and values align with yours. This is important because, in many cases, a co-working space embodies so much more than just a workspace. For example, many niche co-working spaces focus on helping start-ups establish themselves in the community, so within this community, you might find activities devoted to promoting innovation and industry. Essentially, you want to be in a space where the people and the organisation can assist your business’s growth by hosting activities that align with your vision of the business.

Look For A Sense Of Community

A good rule to determine whether the space you are thinking about is great for you is to determine whether there is a real sense of community. Just as in the greater business community you can find people socially engaged and connected, this is the case with the co-working community as well. Because your co-working space will function in a few ways, you want to make sure that there is a community there to support your endeavours.

Some of the better co-working spaces host the types of team building events that provide cohesiveness to a group. In some spaces, the ever-popular option of regular barbecues are a draw for professionals. More laid-back co-working communities value the occasional movie night. Finally, no one has ever passed up the ubiquitous happy hour that happens just right after quitting time. The point is social engagements draw professionals together and allow them, without pressure, to be themselves, and more importantly, find kindred souls for work or play.

Look For Extras

Outside of socialising, look for programs and events hosted by the space that engender making the connections that raise your business’s profile. While there are numerous opportunities to informally converse with people within the co-working space, look for formal networking events that might include keynote speakers, as these can also be a way to build business.

Additionally, if looking to build your business quickly, look to spaces that are also incubator or accelerator programs, as these programs provide a cocoon for your business. Moreover, look for spaces that specialise in building teams, as these collaborations can raise your business’s profile.

Using Workspace To Drive Success

 The co-working space, like no other office format, can help your business become successful. By focusing on community, businesses create the stuff that encourages collaboration and partnership. Ultimately, by becoming engaging your co-working community, you inevitably raise your company’s profile and generate income.

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