Considerations when automating your home cinema

Automation is spreading to more and more areas of our homes. We can increasingly control our heating, lights and other appliances from our smartphones, and this trend is spreading to other areas, too.

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The spread of connected Internet of Things devices means that it’s possible for a whole range of appliances to connect to the Web and therefore be controlled online. Whether it’s your security system or your entertainment system, the potential is vast.

Home cinema systems

Thanks to the falling cost of technology for products like large-screen TVs and projectors, home cinema systems are becoming increasingly popular. However, getting the full cinema experience in your home takes a bit of work. You need to be able to dim the lights, close the curtains, adjust the audio mode and maybe even change the thermostat settings before you settle down to watch a movie.

All of these are areas where home automation can help to make the experience easier and simpler. An automation system can allow you to make all of the settings changes you need with the press of a single button.

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Technical considerations

When looking at automating your home cinema system with a solution from a place like, there are a number of things you need to take into account. First, is the system you choose going to be compatible with all of your other devices? Most audio-visual equipment has a code that allows it to be controlled from universal remotes.

You need a remote that uses either the internet or a radio-frequency system in order to control devices that may be out of direct sight, such as the heating system. Do you want to control everything from a separate remote or have a system that is controlled via an app on your smartphone? Some people prefer the tactility of pressing buttons rather than using a touchscreen.

Another factor to consider is the complexity of the system. If you want to have a pre-arranged sequence that can configure all of your cinema settings at the press of a single button, this needs to be easy to program. If it isn’t, you could spend a lot of frustrating hours setting it up. You should also think about how flexible the system is; once you’ve started controlling your cinema system remotely, you may want to add other functions.

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