Corporate Social Responsibility
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Corporate Social Responsibility is a thing of SMEs

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a way to run businesses based on the management of impacts that its activity generates on its customers, employees, shareholders, local communities, environment and society in general.

When you study this term is somewhat abstract, but in the reality of SMEs, is a coherent and responsible image with respect to our environment. Locally, it is important to strengthen relations with our community.

As in Internet the concept ‘community’ is present. CSR already covered this concept and today still does. This strategy not only improves communication with our employees, customers and the public other.

Corporate Social Responsibility
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The image of SMEs is strengthened and goes hand in hand communication. Communication is action and action communication. If the goal of the organization is to transfer an image of commitment to its closest environment, you should support causes that you become an active member and committed to their environment.


  • Responsibility for the environment (in the case of banking, social and environmental implications of its funding policy, for example)
  • Cover customer satisfaction (solidarity loans)
  • Be attentive to the needs of employees (continuing education)
  • Caring relationships with suppliers and partners; i.e., communities and environments in which the company is present.

Working reputation SMEs comes from the hand of a thorough knowledge of the attributes and advantages over other companies.

Why worry CSR organizations?

  • By ethics
  • By requirement
  • By interest

Corporate philanthropy is no longer an activity normally be entrusted to a foundation, to become part of the strategies that contribute to making the corporate purpose of the company.

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