Coworking Versus Executive Suites: Which Office Is Best for Your Small Business?

For every small business, there comes a time of tough decisions. One of the most important is when and how to grow. Expansion throws up a lot of new challenges, particularly for first time owners, and learning how to be profitable and flexible is no easy feat. For one thing, it requires the perfect work environment.

Fortunately, if you’re a business owner in Indonesia, you’ve got a lot of different options. You could opt for a conventional long-term lease, but the danger here is that you’ll outgrow it and end up stuck in unsuitable conditions. Alternatively, you could rent a private executive suite, complete with maintenance and utilities, or try your hand at coworking.

The point is that there’s an office out there to suit every kind of business. You’ve just got to work out which one is the best fit. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of shared and serviced offices.

What Is a Coworking Space? 

Coworking is a relatively new concept and it refers to the practice of sharing office space. High-end providers like Servcorp Indonesia operate luxury work environments, complete with a wide variety of corporate resources. Everything comes ‘ready to go’ here. The broadband, telephone lines, meeting areas, printing equipment, and furniture are available instantly.

The big benefit of coworking, and the reason why so many entrepreneurs in the cities are getting on board is the cost. As the space is shared between tenants, the rates are very low. The level of responsibility and liability is minimal too because you’re not accountable for any breakdowns, faults, or malfunctions. In fact, you have a right to expect a flawless experience.

What Is a Serviced Office? 

The serviced office is a little different and it is better suited to businesses that can’t or won’t share workspaces. It is a private suite, as is conventional, but it comes readymade. So, the furniture, décor, and utilities are set up and instantly accessible. The idea is that tenants move in within days (sometimes sooner) of signing the agreement.

Like coworking spaces, the cost of going serviced is very appealing. As you don’t need to pay any extra for your heating, lighting, cleaning, air conditioning, or broadband, it is easy to control expenses and save more money for growth and expansion. Most providers are keen on flexibility so that they don’t ask you to agree to any ‘lock in’ contracts.

Which Is the Best Office for Your Business?  

The answer to this question really depends on your needs. Most businesses can afford to move into a private serviced space, but it’s worth considering this decision before you make it. Coworking can seem new and scary at first, particularly if you have no experience with it, but the ability to collaborate and communicate with others should not be underestimated.

Shared office space is a great idea for entrepreneurs and small teams who are just starting out in a new market. If you are a foreign investor launching in Indonesia for the first time, for example, collaborative environments are your secret weapon. Use them to get familiar with the local customs, meet industry contacts, and make connections with influential people.

Then, when you’re feeling more confident and have started to build up a brand presence, you can think about upgrading to a serviced office. In fact, many of the best providers operate both types of environment out of the same building. This means that, when you are ready to upgrade, it’s just a matter of relocating within the same corporate facility. It will save you money, time, and the need to establish yourself in a new area.

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