Dangerous Goods
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‘Dangerous Goods’, an insult to action films

It is normal that in every actor’s career has periods of greater and lesser splendor, but there are cases in which simply comes a stage of decay of such performers never seem to achieve escape. A current very illustrative case is that of Nicolas Cage, who is certain that still makes a good movie from time to time, but it takes many years trapped in a dangerous spiral in which seems to accept almost anything they offer.

Another good example would be Bruce Willis as the star of ‘Die Hard’ was for many years one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, but has existed for several years where it seems that only participates in titles condemned the domestic market. That does not mean that these titles are necessarily bad, but things change if we talk about ‘Dangerous Goods’ (‘Precious Cargo’), one of the sorriest tapes I’ve seen lately.

Dangerous Goods
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Without head or tail

It is obvious that the presence of Willis was the great hook of a low – budget production in which the true protagonist is Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who in turn gave birth to the legendary Zack Morris in the TV ‘Saved by the Bell’ . I will not deny that then demonstrated good dose of charisma, but here conspicuous by their absence in a character that only in this way could have some kind of interest.

That’s fair to say that the very poor level of the script written by Max Adams , also adirector of this monstrosity, and Paul V. Setachitt does not help much, because their motivations are never well explained, character development-and everyone else it is full of moments that make you take the hands to the head at the nonsense you are presenting and the icing on the cake tempering is a mix dialogues aimed freshness and wit and quite simply give it.

A good example of this is in the complicated relationship that unites the protagonist’s character Claire Forlani. Clearly, this is where ‘Dangerous goods’ intended to be, for lack of a better word to define it, molona. That leads to grotesque situations that mix improbability and absurdity to try to understand why he is still hooked to it after everything he put her through.

Worst of all is that its two protagonists are deficient at least better than the secondary characters, as the internal chaos of the film reaches its greatest splendor with Lydia Hull, the second protagonist ‘s romantic interest, while Jenna B. Kelly, who I had worked with Willis in ‘Extraction’, it proves to be little more than a pretty face does not have the slightest idea how to act. I see little future beyond papers to make up and probably end up getting naked if you want to keep working.

How low have fallen, Bruce Willis

My only hope was to know if Willis was able to spice up the roost, as it is an actor who has always liked me very well and knows how to use his charisma like few others . Unfortunately, it seems to have entered a phase of his career that has become lazy and which pays more attention to the check will charge than anywhere else. Here you have surely taken at least 2 or 3 of the 10.5 million it cost to make it for a role I doubt that has taken more than a couple of days of shooting.

It is fair to acknowledge that he stars in the best scene in the same function although would be more accurate to say the least bad one, one in which torture one of his henchmen, since there is only glimpsed something of some interest.Otherwise, it is merely putting intense face, recite the horrible dialogues written by Adams and Setachitt out there and be seen occasionally appear, as much for 10 minutes- to remind us why we chose to see ‘Dangerous Goods’.

The truth is that it does not become as impoverished as other aspects of the role, but it is disheartening to see how low he has fallen to appear on a product of this caliber, even to give the feeling of being pretty lost during the stretch final. It is true that does not help all there is to – not around I miss the visual bill is ridiculous compared to almost any current television production or the inability to Adams to give the lower intensity to any of the action scenes – but that should not serve as an excuse.

In short, ‘Dangerous Goods’ is a nonentity, an absolute waste of time and an insult to action films that at various times make you feel disbelief at what you’re seeing. A horrible script, a start pitiful scene and a cast of between bad and very bad shape entertainment that does not even work for a long flight you do more distracted, as almost had rather be in my seat without nothing.

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