Digital Marketing Strategies To Consider Before Redesigning Your Company Website

Digital Marketing Strategies To Consider Before Redesigning Your Company Website

A website is an extremely important tool for marketing a business. It enables your business to be found by potential buyers and serves as a business card on the internet. However, unlike many companies think, the success of Digital Marketing is not only tied to the quality of the site.

Digital Marketing Strategies To Consider Before Redesigning Your Company WebsiteQuite often we come across clients who are in doubt between starting the work of Inbound Marketing or (re) making your website. Firstly, it is important to emphasize that just reformulating the site will not solve all strategic problems that your company has in Digital Marketing, nor does it have guarantees to contribute to a real increase in the generation of business opportunities.

That is, it does not make sense to leave to work the Inbound Marketing only after the redesign of the site is completed. There are several enhancements that your business can begin to deploy immediately to ensure their effective positioning in the digital environment and the achievement of new inbound customers.

In this post we will talk about the items that the website of your company should contemplate and important Digital Marketing strategies that should be considered before even thinking about a redesign in the structure of your address in the network. Check it out!

Items that your company website should contain

In a site it is crucial that visitors get to understand what the company is, what kind of solution it offers and how it is possible to get in touch. However, some elements are fundamental for them to have a good experience.

Digital Marketing Strategies To Consider Before Redesigning Your Company WebsiteAmong the elements are: easy and intuitive navigation, contact fields, all-to-actions and well-defined and properly aligned with the offer, well written code, avoiding duplicate content and infrastructure that guarantees stability.

Basically, it is necessary to know who your company wants to attract ( persona for whom the site should be idealized ), why (what goals) and how (what the visitor should do to achieve the goal of your company).

A website usually focuses more on the product or service that the company offers, being tied to more direct offers that may present a low conversion rate of visitors to Leads. In addition, because it has little informative content, it generates few external links and, consequently, little sharing.

The process of (re) doing your company’s website in most cases has several involved: developers, designers, agency, among others. For the marketing area this may represent a lack of autonomy because it depends on third parties, difficulty in finding good suppliers and dependence on long deadlines and high costs. When it comes to waiting for the completion of a website to start other actions of Digital Marketing, this can be even more costly for company that stops generating new business opportunities waiting for the launch of the new website.

Digital Marketing Strategies To Consider Before Redesigning Your Company WebsiteStrategies Your Company Should Deploy

Inbound Marketing strategies and best practices can help your business build a qualified audience and generate new leads without undermining the site’s rebuilding process. Here are the actions your company can already implement that will not require modifications after the launch of the new site:

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– SEO structuring, evaluating the important elements of being worked so that your site is better positioned in the search tools. We know that SEO is a task for marketers – not just programmers – who know the language of the client and who can contribute with research and analysis of keywords relevant to your company’s business and which should be included in the site texts.

– Integration of the contact forms or offers with a CRM to manage the generated Leads , working the relationship with the client, so as to bring it closer to the moment of purchase.

Digital Marketing Strategies To Consider Before Redesigning Your Company Website– Alignment and content production to contribute to the growth of website traffic. We strongly recommend creating and maintaining a blog that has the advantage of attracting external links and positioning your company as a reference, indexing the pages of the site. When the site is reshaped, just give the appropriate highlights, including a specific call and link in the main menu.

– Creation of specific Landing Pages and Call to Actions for educational content. As stated earlier, the site usually works directly by promoting your products or services. The Landing Pages are a great option to increase the number of conversions the site of your company working indirect offers, such as: educational materials, which help to generate contacts and deliver benefits to visitors, enabling the start of a relationship.

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Inbound Marketing and (re) building your company website may be much more linked than you might think. The benefits of working together will surely add strength to the marketing work and will keep your business from passing on optimization opportunities and avoid wasting resources later on.

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