Don’t Neglect Your Bathrooms

For many people, the bathroom is a room that gets used often but not talked about. When it comes to redecorating or updating your décor, why is it that the bathroom is often forgotten? It is, in fact, one of the most important rooms in your home. Here are just a few reasons why you should invest more in your bathroom, both in terms of money and energy:

  1. The start and end of each day

Apart from your bedroom, the bathroom is the room that you first enter on waking and the last one you use before lights out at night. You use the toilet, wash your hands, take a shower, brush your teeth and do your hair. Did you know that on average, every person will spend about 18 months of their life in a bathroom? You might as well make sure that those 18 months are spent in comfort and even luxury!  Be greeted with a gorgeous bathroom on waking and surround yourself with beautiful things to appreciate before going to bed. To update your shower, why not consider a new screen door? For 10mm shower glass panels, visit

  1. You will be judged by it

Whenever you invite guests over or have surprise visitors, chances are they are going to need to use your bathroom. If it’s out-dated, grubby or lacking facilities, you will be judged! The last thing you probably want is for your guests to think that you’re lazy, dirty or simply don’t care about stylish décor. If you feel embarrassed by any aspect of your bathroom’s interior, then it’s time to act.

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  1. It’s your space

Another reason for making your bathroom as pleasant as possible is because it’s your escape place. You can spend time soaking in the bath, reading the newspaper or anything else you fancy, with the door locked and with some peace and quiet. Ever wonder why people spend so long in there? It’s because it’s a great place to escape the world for a bit, contemplate or catch up on some personal grooming matters.

It’s also the place where mundane hygiene regimes can leave your subconscious mind to take over, encouraging creative thoughts and even inspiration. Some people get their best ideas whilst taking a shower!

  1. Destress

Hiding in the bathroom is the perfect way to destress after a bad day. As long as the door is locked, nobody will disturb you (unless they desperately need to use it too). A long soak in a tub or a refreshing shower is often just what the doctor ordered for easing out all of that pent-up tension in your aching muscles. Why wouldn’t you want to make this space as special as possible?

  1. Taken for granted

We don’t realise how important this room is until we are unable to use it, whether through constant occupation or a plumbing disaster. For your health and well-being, a modern, clean and tranquil bathroom décor is incredibly important.


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