Earrings for each type of face

What Earrings Fit My Face?

Earrings Fit My Face? The choice of perfect earrings marks the final style to any outfit. Most women make the choice of these accessories according to their model, color and material whose material may or may not be of some precious material.

Many times the choice of the earrings is conditioned by the color of the dress or outfit we want to wear, but rarely do we look at what slopes favor me the most? The round ones? The hoop earrings? The elongated? …

Women who when choosing the earrings consider the shape of their face no doubt stand out from the crowd.

4 Where to buy earrings for my face type?

Small earringsSmall earrings

True to its name, the small earrings have the shape of a tear drop or drop of dew. They are usually silver or gold with precious stones and are usually designed to cover the earlobe or hang slightly below.

Long earrings

These jewels are designed to hang below the earlobe. They can be composed of stones, circles, squares, curved center pieces, etc.

You can find wide and narrow models, but you have to pay close attention to their width since each width is suitable for different types of faces.

Hoop earringsHoop earrings

These classic earrings are made of rounded or flat pieces and extend from the front to the back of the earlobe.

They are available in a wide variety of widths and circumferences.

The main forms of the face

In the world of fashion, human faces are described according to their shape and skin tone. While some women choose earrings to complement their skin tone, most experts agree that it is more important to choose earrings that favor the overall shape of the face. This is one of the best Earrings Fit My Face.

Next we give a brief description of the different forms of faces.

Oval faces: This face shape is ideal and well balanced, both in width and length.

Round faces: The round face represents childhood and softness, since it is longer than wide. Often, the eyes, mouth and cheeks are round.

Long rostrum: Similar to the oval face, but longer and less broad. The goal is to “break” this length by rebalancing volumes.

Square face: The forehead, the cheeks and the jaws have the same width in a square face. Women with square faces tend to have very strong jaw line.

Diamond face: The face in the form of diamond, has the forehead and chin narrower than the cheekbones. Women with diamond-shaped faces tend to have very strong cheekbones.

Earrings for each type of faceEarrings for each type of face

For oval faces

Women with oval faces look good with almost all outstanding styles. However, they can create a particularly surprising effect with long oval slopes. These earrings will refer to the elegant shape of the face and without the addition of any width or length.

These pieces accentuate the natural shape of the face and create a feeling of symmetry and balance.

For round faces

They have to look for those pieces that have long angular designs compared to rounded designs. Most women with round faces should avoid small round earrings; these give the wide-face effect. This also another  type of Earrings Fit My Face.

It is preferable designs with medium or fine width.

For elongated faces

When choosing slopes for elongated faces, it is best to look for pieces with elongated and curved lines. The pieces with elongated curves will help to balance the face highlighting the line of the eyes , cheekbones and jaw.

Women with elongated faces, look particularly beautiful with tear designs.

For square faces

Women with square faces should choose earrings with rounded designs to soften the cheekbones and jaw. The best options are the elongated pieces and the hoop earrings.

Those who like to add an additional mystery to their appearance can choose large rings that remain in the jaw line. Women with square faces should avoid using large earrings

For narrow faces

Pearl earrings are ideal for narrow faces, add softness and minimize length.

The cluster pearl earrings that fall below the earlobe are a good option. Keep in mind that long earrings tend to minimize the length of very narrow faces. When choosing long earrings, look for pieces with elongated curves that accentuate the cheekbones and add softness.

For faces in the shape of a diamond

Long earrings with curves and elegant, to minimize any clarity around the cheekbones and the jaw line, certainly accentuate this type of face.

People with diamond-shaped faces should avoid long earrings that also show the shape of the diamond. These pieces will make the lines of the face appear exaggerated and not flashy. This is also anther type of Earrings Fit My Face.

Where to buy earrings for my face type?

In Jewelry Almela:  Earrings  you can find the ideal earring for your face type. Enter our online jewelry and browse through the different categories, you will find a variety of earrings with different shapes and sizes.

Before buying read the description to see the measure, material and price. This also  a type of Earrings Fit My Face.


 The earrings are cheap and easy to use accessories, any woman can use them to add that final touch to her look.

While buying earrings is largely a matter of personal taste, women who want to get the most out of this accessory should choose the model that is right for the shape of their face.

Highlighting the natural shape of the face will enhance a woman’s beauty and make others focus on her best features.

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