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Exercise For Your Rest ? For the Spanish Society of Primary Care Physicians (SEMERGEN), physical exercise is one of the best recipes that can be done on a day-to-day basis, and should be prescribed more regularly, adapting this practice to the needs of each patient. For these professionals, who together with the nursing staff are the first defensive line of our health in Spain, all forms of physical activity “structured (that is, in gyms) or unstructured” are associated with direct health benefits. Physical exercise has many of them recognized by science, and remarkably highlight those that help a more restful break.

Sleep well thanks to physical exerciseSleep well thanks to physical exercise

Once again, the relationship between exercising to sleep well and a good rest that allows us to exercise has been demonstrated. This study on the hours of sleep confirmed that those who correctly fulfilled their sleep hours (in quantity and schedule) are those who performed “longer exercise time”. “Postpone sleep is associated with deteriorating health” and it is observed that people who do “have less wellbeing behaviors, such as lower fruit intake and less physical activity,” the study authors reveal. This is the system to Exercise For Your Rest.

According to WHO, physical inactivity (also known worldwide as a sedentary lifestyle) is the fourth most important risk factor in the world. Only problems of the magnitude of hypertension, smoking or hyperglycemia overcome or are brought to the level of this cause. Therefore, they estimate that the realization of physical activity is beneficial in “any stage of life”, but especially important in the early stages since it is the moment in which the habit of practicing sport and forming active future generations is acquired. “Help to sleep better” is one of the benefits that is repeated in any age range, although in adulthood it can be more remarkable because the exercise directly influences other factors that underpin a good rest: “When it comes to adulthood, sport represents, in addition to a method to maintain a good physical shape, a channel of evasion and distraction from the environment that surrounds us “, they point out in this article. This is also one of the best system to Exercise For Your Rest.


The Global Sleep Observatory also certifies that physical exercise is essential to “promote a healthy dream”. The best thing about ‘exercising’ is that it covers a very wide range of options: you can do cardio, strength training, stretching or yoga. The direct benefits of this type of sleep practice are focused on two aspects: the fatigue they generate and the reduction of stress. “But, in addition, by raising body temperature during practice, the subsequent cooling generates a state of relaxation,” they say. It also stimulates the segregation of endorphins, a hormone that influences the feeling of well-being you perceive.

Other experts in the field such as Jesus Matos, a psychologist specializing in emotional management , also explains that sleeping does not require counting sheep, or at least not always. Of the three guidelines recommended, the first has its own name: “It has been shown that exercising three or four times a week, after two and a half months, is as effective to sleep as anxiety medications,” he says. in this article published in the newspaper El País.

The recommendation, therefore, is clear: leave free spaces in your routine for exercise . Yes, respecting the hours before sleep , since in addition to endorphins is also generated cortisol, a hormone that activates our body and mind and can impair rest. This is one of the best system to Exercise For Your Rest.


We can make many recommendations to choose the right mattress on which to rest, but the recommendations about the best exercises for you will have to be decided by a specialist with knowledge in physical preparation. However, here are some ideas:

Cardio exercises: 20 minutes a day of running, cycling, swimming or even dancing can be an option. Also, walking is a valid alternative.

Strength training: the specific training of the muscles helps a healthy sleep and with fewer night awakenings.

Yoga: is an alternative that you can take into account if you lack time to go to a gym or have other types of conditions. There are many ways to practice it and, of course, the smartphone is one of them. There are very complete applications that guide you step by step and by levels so that yoga stops being something unknown to you. You can also go to a specialized center, of course. The stiffness of the first days will tell you that you are doing more exercise than you thought. This is the system to Exercise For Your Rest.

* Important: so that physical exercise does not affect your sleep (since your body “accelerates”), it must be done not before 3 hours of going to sleep.

After an exercise session remembers to respect the dietary guidelines for dinner and complete the steps of your routine to sleep well, you will be favoring a healthy lifestyle. We worry about creating the best products for a perfect rest that will make you able to take advantage of the day doing what you like the most, with the energy you need. This is the system to Exercise For Your Rest.

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