How to decline my theme in my wedding decoration?

Find Your Wedding Theme And Design The Decor That Goes With It

Wedding Theme And Design ? In recent years, the trend has been to themed marriage. True thread of the decoration and atmosphere of your wedding, it is important to choose the right theme that will please you and you will look like. If you’re out of inspiration, here are some ideas and some tips that may be useful.

1 °) Find the inspiration: what theme to choose?Find the inspiration: what theme to choose?

Abstract / visual themes:

These themes have no meaning or special meaning, the goal is primarily aestheticism. Examples: – Themes on a color / combination of colors / pattern: black and white, pink and white, turquoise and white, burgundy and white, stripes, peas, a specific design:

Conceptual themes:

These themes evoke an atmosphere, an era, a particular universe.

Your theme can also be a hobby or interest that you share with your fiance (travel, diving, poker …). Have you already booked your place of reception? In this case, the place will guide you on the theme to choose. For example, if you have booked a room in an old farm, you can opt for a rustic or country wedding. If you have booked a beautiful room with chandeliers, mirrors etc … you can opt for a glamorous / chic wedding.

2 °) How to decline my theme in my wedding decoration?How to decline my theme in my wedding decoration?

That’s it, you’ve found your theme! Now it must be reflected in your wedding decor. This work may seem tedious and difficult to achieve but rest assured, with a little method, patience and creativity, you will get there! Here are some tips to carry out this project without spending a fortune.

1 ° List the objects to manufacture:

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the items you will create / plan / buy for your wedding decoration:

* The stationery: The announcements the thanks the librettos of mass or programs of ceremony (optional)

* The table decoration: The menu the flowers / centerpiece or small decorative items the ticket-holders Towel rails (optional) Chair covers (optional)

* Room decoration: Mirrors, frames, flowers, vases, garlands, balloons…

* Gifts to guests: Dragees , sweets, chocolate, soaps ( see other gift ideas to guests )

Ideally, each of these elements should remember your theme. It’s quite easy if your theme is a color theme, then you need white / black announcements, white / black menus, small white / black gifts … in short you have understood the principle! If your theme is a concept, it’s a bit more complicated, you need to find elements that recall this theme. It takes a little more creativity. This is one of the best ways to Wedding Theme And Design.

2 ° Reflect on the use of common materials:

If you want to make your wedding decor without spending too much money, a good solution may be to use the same material for different objects. Let me explain: if you used ribbon to make your announcements, you can use the same ribbon for the menus, the markers, the gifts to the guests. This involves doing everything yourself, of course, which takes time but is less expensive than buying ready-made items. Other advantages to reuse the same materials: you have less to dig your head, you already know what materials you will use and everything will be perfectly matched. Remember to design an object of each (1 announcement, 1 mark place, 1 menu etc …) and to calculate the material needs (for example: 15 cm of ribbon for 1 part, 7 cm for a place-mark etc …) from the design of the invitations. Once you have developed all your items, buy all the materials you will need to do everything. Thus, you will not have to return to the store several times to buy raw materials. And most importantly, by purchasing all the materials at one time you will have no problem of out of stock! This is also another way to Wedding Theme And Design.

3 ° Think about using objects that you already have!

To avoid exploding your decor budget, consider using whenever possible objects that you already have (frames, mirrors, candle holders …) or to borrow from friends or relatives. If this is not possible, think of going to stores offering decorative products at low prices: Ikea, the incredible, Babou, Hema, Stokomani, Noz, Tati … Sometimes it’s also worth watching in hypermarkets. Also take advantage of sales periods. This is one of the best way to Wedding Theme And Design.

4 ° Think about using your printer!

Another fairly easy and relatively economical way to make your wedding decor is to use your computer (word processor) and your printer. You can easily make stationery-type objects (announcement cards, booklets, place cards, menus, and wedding labels). It’s fast enough and easy to do and the result is professional! This is the best way to choose  Wedding Theme And Design.

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