Finding People by Using Online Resources

The frequency at which many people move today can make them difficult to keep track of and locate later. You might lose the address or phone number of a friend or relative after a few years. When they have moved out of the city or state, you cannot look them up in a local phone book.

Instead, you may need to use an online resource like social networking, a background check website, or the North Carolina white pages . You can access these resources at no cost by going online today.

Looking by State

If you know the state that the person has moved to, you can narrow your search by clicking on the name of the state to access its white page listings. The white page directory allows you to input a first or last name into the respective fields. You can then click search to find a list of people with that name.

Further information like how old the person is or to whom the person could be related may also help you narrow in on the precise individual for which you are searching. You can then click on the person’s name to find out where he or she lives and at what number this person can be reached.

Phone Call Screening

With the number of scam phone calls on the rise, you might want to screen your phone calls before answering them. You want to know that the person on the other line is someone you know or do business with rather than a scammer looking to steal your private information.

The website allows you to do a reverse phone number lookup. It also indicates if the number is associated with scams or spam. You can then decide to block the number or to return the phone call promptly.

Background Check

You also may want to know more about people with whom you do have contact on a daily basis. For example, if a new neighbor moves in next door to you, you may want to know if this person is safe or if he or she has a criminal background.

The website lets you perform limited background checks using its resources. You can see public records and make your own determination about the person based on that information. The limited checks are free. You can pay a nominal fee to get more in-depth information like records that might be off-limits to the public or sealed.

Keeping track of people and phone numbers can be a challenge when you lose the information. You can regain lost contacts and screen phone calls by using the search options on the website. The directory information is provided to you at no cost.

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