Is It Good To Sleep With The Light On?

Is It Good To Sleep With The Light On?

Is It Good To Sleep With The Light On? Anyone who has children will have gone through the stage where children are afraid of the dark and ask their parents to leave them a light to sleep on.


When the lights in your room are turned off and you are ready to sleep … A monster in the closet or under the bed may be some of a child’s imaginations. The problem is in the feeling of insecurity of the small in the dark.

The main objective of parents should be to try to reassure them. Check that they control the situation and are protected. Leaving a light on until you can fall asleep is an option as you get used to the dark but it has its risks. This is one of the reason Good To Sleep With The Light On.

There are studies that have shown the health damage to sleep with a light on. In the research “Keep your babies in the dark” published by the journal Nature , researchers from the Medical Center of the University of Pennsylvania and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia analyzed the information provided by the parents of 479 of their patients in a clinic. pediatric ophthalmology.

Is It Good To Sleep With The Light On?Good To Sleep With The Light On?

The objective of this study was to establish a relationship between sleeping normally with the light switched on between birth and two years of age and an increase in myopia. This is another reason of Good To Sleep With The Light On.

The results of the investigation revealed that only 10% of children up to 2 years who had slept with the light off were myopic. In contrast, 34% of those who had slept with a dim light had myopia. The last of the conclusions they drew was that 55% of the children who had slept with a lamp or bulb contracted nearsightedness when they reached adulthood. This last figure is five times higher than those children who had slept in the dark.

The experts certified in this study that the reason was that the eyes develop during the first years of life. For this reason, the incidence of light did not affect the formation of myopia after two years of age. This is another reason of Good To Sleep With The Light On.

The fact that children have to have the light on to sleep represents a problem for their health. This has made many specialists have been concerned to give advice to try to rest small without it. Tracy Hogg was a British nurse who became popular thanks to her method ( “the baby whisperer” ) that explained her advice to help sleep the smallest of the house.

Hogg explained; “Children have to be tired to go to bed. When the children begin to yawn, we should take him to bed. We do not have to wait for him to sleep anywhere else. “

Nerves are identified by Hogg as one of the main causes of the absence of rest in children. For this expert, trying to relax the baby with reassuring phrases is paramount. Likewise, it highlights the importance of establishing sleep routines as a weapon to improve the rest of our children.

Routines are very important for children so, according to Hogg, we will have to eliminate those that we think are disturbing the rest.

The World Association of Early Childhood Educators gives a series of guidelines to help children have a perfect rest. With regard to sleeping with light, they recommend that if the child does, the parents will gradually decrease it until it is eliminated . In addition, they recommend explaining to the child so that they sleep with the light off and nothing happens to them.

Other recommendations to help the child to sleep given by the World Association of Early Childhood Educators are to let the child sleep during the day with some natural light and the noises of that moment to get used to them, strengthen their progress and , above all, be understanding.

Rest is a fundamental life activity during which a series of recovery processes take place. From Pikolin we want to convey the relevance of the dream and its relationship with preventive health through the dissemination of recommendations such as this article.

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