Goodbye To Paypal Prepaid Card

Goodbye To Paypal Prepaid Card

Without a doubt, PayPal is the king of payments on the Internet. The security it gives when it comes to making purchases in e-commerce has given it a well-deserved reputation; however, in the last hours, the most famous virtual purse is being the protagonist of headlines not too beneficial.

The reason is the total cancellation of one of its best known products: prepaid cards. A goodbye that has arrived without warning and that, in view of the reasons, seems to be definitive.

Goodbye To Paypal Prepaid CardWhy have PayPal prepaid cards stopped working in America?

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Unique money, the entity that managed those cards, has been facing imminent closure due to the withdrawal of the licenses of Systems 4B. Without this license the operation of the cards is completely annulled, thus affecting the more than one hundred thousand users who relied on this method of payment for their purchases both online and in physical stores.

Goodbye To Paypal Prepaid CardAccording to an official statement from unique, not even the entity itself had prior knowledge of the unilateral decision taken by Systems 4B just a few hours ago and has already entered into force.

Goodbye To Paypal Prepaid CardAt the moment the owners of them cannot carry out any type of operation, or even withdraw the balance that they still had available. In order to recover their money, they can only do so by bank transfer, for which they must complete an attachment to the informative email issued by unique, in addition to sending the documentation required to prove the identity of the holder.

Goodbye To Paypal Prepaid CardFor its part, PayPal has not yet officially pronounced on this fact nor has it disclosed whether it will seek an alternative to the closure of the entity that managed these prepaid cards.

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