Handgun Care Tips

Whether you’ve recently bought one for self-defense or for competition, you will need to know how to take care of your new handgun so that it can be used safely and reliably. Much of this involves basic common sense and respecting how dangerous even competition handguns are, but accidents involving guns are still common enough to justify blog posts like this one. With that being said, here is what you need to know about taking care of a new handgun as a first-time gun owner.

Staying Safe

First of all, you need to understand that a gun is a dangerous weapon and should be treated as such at all times. This means always treating a gun as if it is loaded even when it is not and never aim it at something that you aren’t willing to destroy. Always aim your gun at the ground when handling it, keep the safety turned on and your finger away from the trigger until you’re ready to shoot. Never leave a gun unattended unless you can keep it locked in a safe.

Cleaning Your Handgun

Competition handguns need to be cleaned regularly if they are to stay in good condition. How often they should be cleaned is a matter of debate. Some people say that they should be cleaned every time they are fired, while others say that you can get away with cleaning them once every few months whether they’ve been fired or not. If you ever fire corrosive ammo or your gun comes into contact with water, you should clean your gun as soon as possible to avoid any permanent damage.

As for how to clean your gun, you should consult your owner’s manual for that. The process doesn’t vary that much from one handgun to the next, but your manual will give you the specifics about your own gun. You also don’t need to disassemble your gun completely when you clean it. Field stripping your gun should be enough.

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