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Keep In Mind When Hiring Security

Keep In Mind When Hiring Security? When you want to hire security, and I speak of security in capital letters, many times you do not know where to start, so you let yourself be advised by one or several companies that are dedicated to this world. But there can always be doubt if it is the best option.

Today I want to cover the 5 fundamental aspects to take into account when hiring security for your home or business.

1. AlarmKeep In Mind When Hiring Security

The intrusion alarm is one of the most important aspects when hiring security . But it is not as simple as this brand or the other is better … no. There are thousands of models and types of equipment, and many of them are valid to be considered “safe”.

Within the alarm point I think it is necessary to consider 3 points.

Alarm model

When I talk about the alarm model I do not mean the manufacturer of one or the other. By this I mean that it is very important, that if we want the best in security, is to hire a 100% wired equipment.

A wireless alarm device, however good it may be – realistically – cannot be compared to the performance and speed of a wired alarm. It may be fine in certain cases, but speaking of SECURITY with capital letters I consider that the cable alarm is the correct way.

In addition, a wired alarm requires much less maintenance and its life will be extended for many years. Especially if we make the purchase of a quality alarm. Do not expect to have the best for a very low price.

With the word communication I refer to how it transmits the data to the CRA. And speaking of security it is very important that you have wired transmission. The ideal would be the double or triple way, that is, transmsion via IP, GPRS, GSM and / or fixed line. This things you Keep In Mind When Hiring Security.


We must take into account the needs that we will need before making the purchase of the alarm. For example: if we want to have different partial arming, different areas, different zones, activate and deactivate the alarm from a mobile application … this is something important since all the models can not offer it.

In this same blog I will analyze different models of wired alarms from the largest companies so that you can have more reliable information.


The perimeter alarm is very important if we want the best in security. What exactly does it consist of? In making the alarm go off before the thief enters our home or business. It is achieved with inertial detectors in walls, ceilings, windows, doors … with magnetic, perimeter detectors. Depending on the conditions of our home and business we can choose one thing or another. There are many factors to consider.

I recently made a post dealing with the topic What is early detection?  where you can see more about this topic. The things Keep In Mind When Hiring Security.

2. Video surveillanceKeep In Mind When Hiring Security

Another very important aspect. A good alarm is not complete if we do not have surveillance cameras to complement the security.

If it is a house with its own garden, I recommend installing cameras outdoors. And if you want to install them also inside, better than better. Areas like corridors, hall, hall … are good points to install the cameras.

In business I consider the interior cameras very important, even more than the exterior ones. Normally we will have public, and we will want to have controlled who is the one that enters and leaves.


Regarding the quality of the cameras, at this point the most normal thing would be to go to fullHD quality , either in CCTV or in IP.

In any case, the installation of an NVR or DVR should be performed, depending on the type of cameras that we choose.

To have the video surveillance service we will have to check beforehand if the CRA that we are going to hire accepts the model and brand of the recorder that we are going to install. The goal is that, apart from recording 24 hours, when there is an alarm jump the CRA can see the cameras live.

If the installation company is the same as the one that will provide us with the CRA service, there will be no problem. If we are going to install another different one always check this last point. This things Keep In Mind When Hiring Security.

3. Company that provides the service

The company that carries out the installation, maintenance and CRA are crucial aspects. It is the human factor within security, which has its dangerous side. A bad choice can make us regret for a long time.

They may be different companies, or one company. My recommendation is to choose the same company for everything, in this way we will be able to negotiate the prices and we will remove everything from a single blow.

There are a lot of security companies to choose from, multinational, national and local, large and small … it can be difficult to choose. Depending on the area where you live you will have one or the other.

A multinational can offer greater services, a better price, but not a personalized treatment. However, a local company can always offer you a “you to you” deal.


I leave the choice in your hands. If you have no idea, ask your family and friends their opinions. They can tell you their own experiences.

4. Services

In this aspect of security we also depend on the company that will take us maintenance and connection to CRA.

Within these services we can find the following that can vary between one and another:

  • Video surveillance
  • Vigilant who will come to our facility when there is an alarm jump
  • Notice to police
  • Custody of keys
  • Emails with openings and alarm closings
  • Use of mobile application to manage the alarm
  • A long etcetera

Question to ask the relevant companies. The price can vary a lot between them. This things Keep In Mind When Hiring Security.

5. Price

The powerful gentleman Don Dinero …

At the moment we will have to decide between the budgets that we have requested. As always, we all want the best at a low price. But remember:

The cheap is expensive

A wired alarm installation with surveillance cameras can range from 500 euros to infinity and beyond.

If we ask different companies to budget for identical installations and there are some of them that are much cheaper than the others … let’s read the fine print. It may be subject to permanence or to much higher monthly fees.


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