Keeping Moving Stress to a Minimum

Moving home is often regarded as one of the most stressful life events, so if you have a move planned, don’t get stressed before you even start packing. Here are some handy tips for a move that’s plain sailing:


To prevent becoming completely overwhelmed during the move, spend some time beforehand planning out your budget for the move. You’ll have a great deal of outgoings at this time so budget to ensure you can cover all your living expenses. Do plenty of research to find the best deals for conveyancing and removals. If you don’t have a massive number of belongings, it might be worth considering a man and van outfit instead of a removals company. For a Man and Van Slough, visit

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Don’t Rush

Allow yourself plenty of time for the move. This gives you a chance to relax, plan a schedule and tick everything off your to-do list in a calm and focused manner. It also gives you time to gather all the correct packing materials and boxes so none of your belongings get damaged.

This also gives you the opportunity to have a good clear out of any unwanted possessions that are just taking up space. You’ll also have time to make a full inventory of items for each room and clearly label boxes. This makes unpacking so much easier. Don’t leave everything to the last minute or you’ll be rushing around like a headless chicken. Stress-free means plenty of time to prepare.

Be flexible

Things won’t always go smoothly or to plan but it’s how you react that matters. Being flexible and calm will help you deal with any eventuality. You may have to think on your feet a little when sudden obstacles appear but if you’re prepared and organised, you should be able to respond calmly and positively to all challenges during the move. Also having a backup plan is probably a sensible idea.

Document box

Keep all your important documents and paperwork together in a storage box or file, so you can easily put your hand on things like title deeds, insurance, passports etc. Electronic copies scanned onto a computer is also a good backup plan.

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Know the area

If you don’t know the area you’re moving to, make a few visits before moving day so you know where to find places you might need. Know where the nearest shops are so you can stock up easily on anything you need. This will ease stress and make you feel more a part of your new neighbourhood than arriving clueless.

Survival kit

Having a kit to hand for the day of the move is a great idea for keeping stress levels to a minimum. This needs to contain any essentials that you’ll need during the transition and could include items like toiletries, medication, towels, toilet roll, mobile phone chargers and snacks.

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