Latest New York Fashion Week!

Latest New York Fashion Week!

The New York Fashion Week is coming to an end … although there are still many parades to see and analyze, and then … Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week Do you feel like it? I many! But before we go to see the parades they play … Let’s start with Marchesa , one of the most wanted parades by lovers of red carpets … As expected we have seen dresses, worthy of the Oscars, but also others in a more darker version or Risky that I do not think we see in the red carpets, or so I hope … They have highlighted their red dresses, word of honor, others with large shoulder pads … but to me the one that I have loved is the black, long with a great tail Spectacular! Do not you think?

Latest New York Fashion Week!Vivid colors, ethnic prints, and geometric drawings have been the companions of Proenza Schouler. Tight waistlines, knee skirts and blazer for a risky and very feminine woman. I would love to try something … the result on the catwalk fascinates me!

Latest New York Fashion Week!Michael Kors has presented us with a monochrome bet onBlack, red, gray, camel … a collection of straight lines, simple and elegant. I had been thinking about what I wanted to risk with a monochromatic look, all in blue, or all gray, or coral … I do not know I think it’s weird … but I see it and I like it. How do you see it?

Latest New York Fashion Week!Coats and caps of fur attached to midi dresses has been the great bet of Oscar de la Renta. I was very surprised by the skirt of hair, and also the long evening dresses as they have been very disparate, from black, gold, asymmetrical and words of honor very glamorous to others with more exotic touches … that I crave more for the summer Than for the cold winter.

Ralph Lauren has offered us a very feminine proposal, almost everything in black, although we have seen some touch of color in green, aubergine and red … it seems that the latter will not abandon us in a while. Men’s suits in bright fabrics or even velvet contrast with embroidered layers and very Andalusian shawls do you like it?

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