What to look for when buying diamonds

When you are looking to buy diamonds rings online, knowing where to begin can be a daunting task. People look to buy diamond rings for a variety of occasions, whether as an engagement ring, an eternity ring or a special anniversary or birthday gift. One way to ensure that you find the right option for you is to use a company online that helps you select the design and ring type you are looking for, like https://www.comparethediamond.com

Here are some top tips on what to look for when purchasing that all important diamond ring.

You must remember the four ‘C’s. These are vitally important. They stand for clarity, cut, colour and carat. These four features virtually define the diamond that you are going to buy.

  1. The cut is probably the most important element because if its not cut correctly then it cheapens the look and shine of the diamond or “the fire” as it is romantically known. This fire is a description of how the light comes into the diamond and out its other side. The shape of the cut is essential. There are several types here. The traditional pear drops and emerald, the marquise, heart shape (quite popular if its for an engagement) the Princess and the plain and simple oval. Make sure you get a look at all of the options before choosing.

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  1. Choosing the colour. You may not be able to afford a “fancie” as this is a very rare coloured diamond, but you should consider that the most expensive in the range is the white diamond. Luckily there is a handy guide that starts from D, the colourless ones, and goes up to Z the ones with increasing amounts of colour nearer to Z, no one seems to care about the letters A to C.

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  1. Only the experts get really excited about clarity. They can only make a judgement when they peer into the diamond with one of those eye magnifiers. Your betrothed is not going to know, unless your marrying a diamond expert and they inform you you’ve bought a Sl1.
  2. This is the weight of the diamond that you are buying. It’s not the same as Karats, that’s gold. When you consider that the Cullian diamond was three-thousand one hundred and six carats the one you’re looking to buy is probably only 1 carat. That size would be to big for there hand anyway.

The most important thing to remember is that you should buy something that you know she likes, hint look in her jewellery draw/box, the classic example is generally the best and most popular any way. Good luck on your big day.


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