Marshmallow Root: A New Skincare Phenomenon?

Nowadays it seems as though there are thousands of natural products which can be used for a multitude of things. Take Marshmallow root, for example. It has been used for years to help treat a variety of ailments ranging from a dry cough to stomach ulcers, but is now becoming more popular as a skincare treatment.

Marshmallow Root

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What is it?

Marshmallow root comes from the plant Althaea Officinalis, which is native to Europe, North Africa and Western Asia. It can be used in many forms, most commonly in herbal tea or as a syrup, and tests have shown it to be an effective treatment for some conditions.

How Can it be Used?

If you suffer from dry skin, marshmallow root can work wonders as a moisturiser. It has natural hydrating properties which can help combat fine lines and wrinkles, and due to its ability to retain moisture, it can also help keep your skin looking younger and healthier. It can even be used to remove make up due to its moisturising effect.

Natural Ingredients

As it is natural it can be used with other antioxidants and healing plant oils, which means you don’t need to worry about using other products with it. Products such as Avene Sensitive Skin Gift Set is a great example of a skincare product which takes advantage of marshmallow root’s flexible and healing properties. You can find out more about it at

Mums’ Choice

If you breastfeed, marshmallow root is an excellent choice due to its healing nature. It has uses as an anti-inflammatory which can help soothe and soften where you need it most. It is the choice of many mums who prefer to use an all-natural product where their baby is concerned.

Other Uses

If you suffer from sensitive skin, marshmallow root can be a sensible option to try. It can be used as an all over product on anything from sunburn to eczema, and even more serious conditions such as psoriasis. It has been known to help heal small cuts and soften hard skin to leave it feeling smooth and hydrated.

If your skin needs a little extra help then try using a product which includes marshmallow root. With natural properties which help it to hydrate and heal, you’ll be sure to see the difference.

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