And the hours of training

Men’s Physique Vs Bodybuilding

Men’s Physique Vs Bodybuilding

Physique Vs Bodybuilding? A while ago I was involved in a curious debate in a social network, the issue was that lifelong bodybuilders complained that in competitions the platforms were filled with public when the competition was Men’s physique or bikini and as it was going increasing the weight of the competitors in the successive categories the stands were becoming increasingly empty.

Physique Vs BodybuildingPhysique Vs Bodybuilding

The heavier bodybuilders had and have fewer spectators than the fitness bodies, that is, the amount of muscle and volume was, and is, inversely proportional to the amount of public, something that for them was unthinkable, for various reasons, they said was as if it were more a game of the Maspalomas child soccer than a Real Madrid – Barsa, which a server was not completely in agreement.

If what you want to compare is football with bodybuilding, you have to see what is most demanded by the vast majority of the population and what generates the most money, and if in fact the majority of the public likes to see more athletic body that a body with a lot of volume is what it is and should not be given more laps, in fact, the inclusion of smaller fitness categories in bodybuilding events also generates more public in the big categories, so bad everything is not going the inclusion of these categories to the great bodybuilders.

As for the generation of money in this world is completely associated with the brands of supplements, and people who use supplements, the vast majority do not want to be as Coleman or as Kai Greene, but prefers more balanced bodies, more fitness like Ryan Terry or the late Greg Plitt, therefore Men’s physique bodies, today, generate more money than those of the great bodybuilders. This is the system of Physique Vs Bodybuilding.

And the legs?

But the dispute was not there, if it is clear that most people like fitness body more than a bodybuilder body, (I’m talking about the majority), and bodybuilders would grab two points to discriminate these categories: throwing away the muscular quality of the lower train and the hours of training that are needed to compete in a Men’s physique.

I have no choice but to agree with the first of the reasons, although that does not mean that the competitors of these fitness categories do not train their legs, on the contrary, if you want to generate a good anabolic hormonal environment there is no other option. Stimulate as many fibers as possible and that is achieved by training the whole body.

It is clear that there will be some that will focus on the upper train, but those on the crest of the wave train in a symmetrical way both trains, the lower and upper, because they know that only in this way they will get a better body, but all the winners have a very symmetrical and aesthetic body without great imbalances.

But it is clear that you should judge the whole body, here I have no other than not agree with the rules of this competition, because I have to recognize that there are athletes in these categories that do not have a good volume, even aesthetic in the lower train. This is the anther system of Physique Vs Bodybuilding.

And the hours of training?Physique Vs Bodybuilding

Undoubtedly, a bodybuilding workout is much more demanding than a Men’s Physique or bikini, where training is usually doubled each day, but each case should be studied separately, a person who is dedicated to training is not the same as one who train and work on something else every day .

But if we focus on generalities undoubtedly being a bodybuilder involves putting many more hours in the gym, with many repetitions, muscle failures and absolute stress of the SNC. The merit is great and is not available to everyone, but we must bear in mind that not everyone wants to have those volumes, and not because many train more hours means that to have a fitness body, very aesthetic and balanced do not have to spend many hours in the gym, never underestimate anyone, much less in the world of fitness.

Many of you at the time of reading this article will think about the use of steroids that exists in the world of bodybuilding to have these volumes, but in this article I have obviated that if we are realistic in the Men’s high-level physique there is the use of them, so it’s better not to take them into account. In short, the one who thinks that what is gained is exclusive to the use of steroids is that he knows nothing of this world, a world full of sacrifice, effort, discipline and a lot of willpower. This is one of the best system of Physique Vs Bodybuilding.

Sacrifice in the diet, more or less?Physique Vs Bodybuilding

Leaving aside the chemical issue, it is clear that being a great bodybuilder is not available to everyone, there is a brutal sacrifice in the diet both in volume and, above all, in the definition stage where each gram, each calorie counts, the goal is to gain muscle and lose the minimum when defining time.

However being a Men’s physique or a bikini woman is not exempt from sacrifice in the diet, especially when these people have to be for a longer time, as a rule, defined by the role they have, if they engage in this on the day a day. I mean, a fitness body is asked to spend more time in definition since it is usually required for advertising campaigns where it has to show its great aesthetics, so they can not be neglected during a great season.

Anyone who has a strict diet knows that being in definition is much more complicated, and Men’s physique have to be defined for a longer time than the great bodybuilders who have long periods of muscle gain per year. It is hard to be in definition constantly, to restrict carbos, to have a bad mood or hormonal problems, so nobody should doubt that being a great Men’s physique entails having a great discipline. This is also one of the best system of Physique Vs Bodybuilding.


What made me more funny at that time was that it was attributed that the men’s physique was nothing more than a posture sport, where these athletes spent the day taking selfies and uploading them to social networks where they have thousands of followers.

Let’s face it, bodybuilding is a sport activity of posturing, all, and in it I include the big weights, are immersed in the posture, and that is inevitable, here is judged something aesthetic and posture counts. If you look at any social network of any bodybuilder you will surely find more than one and a hundred photos doing posture , a little picture marking abdominal with dye (there is something with more posturing than fitness) or using shadows to mark a back pose in V. This is another best system of Physique Vs Bodybuilding.


Pure and hard show

I still remember when more than twenty years ago, my brother and I, we bought bodybuilding magazines and we saw those competitions of Mister Olympia where the great Lee Haney or Dorian Yates were a spectacle. There is no doubt that seeing such bulky bodies, such as Phill Heat, Kai Greene or Shawn Rhoden, is a spectacle, but it is not what this society likes the most.

It is spectacular to see impossible bodies for most mortals but it is much more striking and more like to see athletic bodies, very aesthetic and that it seems that anyone could have with a little discipline and willpower, although they are also really bodies that not everything the world is going to reach no matter how hard you try.

Therefore, let’s not be jealous and recognize that if something sells more is because most people like it more, we are not envious and we recognize the merit of being a Men’s physique, we recognize that the vast majority of the population like it more that body than a very voluminous body , we accept those categories and take advantage of the pull they have to get more public than before in the heaviest competitions.

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