The Next 5 Steps to Running a Great Sales Campaign with VoIP

Here are five more steps for a successful sales campaign with VoIP.

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1. Call Flow Amendment

VoIP has its own tools to improve the customer experience, such as adjusting the flow of incoming calls to meet staff capacity. This will help ensure callers aren’t needlessly waiting for an answer, and the flow rate can be easily adjusted dependant on staff capacity via the online portal.

2. Direct Customer Service

VoIP enables callers to be directed to the most relevant customer service agent. They can be routed to a local representative based on their geographical whereabouts, or they can select the service desired from a list of options. The routing system will ensure the calls are directed to the representative or department that’s the best fit.

Details of those who have called outside of office hours can be logged for staff to follow up, or they can be forwarded to out-of-hours operators.

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A CMO Council study revealed that 52% of respondents ranked fast assistance as the most important aspect of customer service, and 47% opted for staff available to assist anywhere at any time. VoIP technology can boost both of these areas.

3. Opening up the Options

VoIP opens the doors to more options for customers, allowing them to interact with businesses in ways which they find preferable. There’s a central inbox to make it more convenient for staff to access and manage communication, and multimedia functionality means communication can include email, video calls, audio calls, Instant Messaging and live chat. This centralisation will make customer service smoother, more personalised and more cost-effective.

It is crucial to select a reliable wholesale VOIP termination provider, such as the likes of idtexpress, to ensure smooth running of the business as a whole.

4. Analysis

VoIP analytics make it possible to gain consumer insights and see how successful a campaign is. Call data enables marketing and sales departments to assess what is working well and what may need improving. Data can also be integrated with CRM systems for future marketing purposes.

5. Finding Success

With the use of VoIP, communication effectiveness within a business can be greatly bolstered, and contact with external suppliers, distributors and customers hugely improved. This multi-faceted technology can boost customer satisfaction and sales in a timely, cost-effective manner.

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