What not to buy for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, you might already be planning something a bit special for the lady in your life. There are many gifts that might be wonderful and much-needed, but before you go down the practical route, think again. There are some gifts that you just shouldn’t give on Valentine’s Day. To avoid any sulking or even the silent treatment, here are some gifts best avoided for this romantic occasion:

  1. Home Items

Yes, your partner might have been hankering after a fancy 4-slice toaster or a new iron but save it for another time. Receiving any gift that says household chores or cooking might not go down too well. Cleaning products, rubber gloves, kitchen utensils or vacuum cleaners are right out. The only exception is home furnishings for comfort and indulgence such as fragranced candles, reed diffusers or luxurious personalized cushions. Why not treat her to breakfast in bed on her very own personalized lap tray. You can find a wide range of Lap Trays at https://personalisedlaptrays.co.uk/collections/lap-trays

  1. Cookbook

So, she enjoys a bit of experimentation in the kitchen and you’ve found the perfect cookbook containing all your favourite recipes. This is blatantly all about you though isn’t it? Remember that the aim of the day is to do something special for her, so why not find her favourite recipe and surprise her by making dinner?

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  1. Lingerie

This is a common gift for Valentine’s Day but unless you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into, it’s probably best left to the lady in your life if she wants to surprise you with some sexy undies. You run the risk of getting the wrong size, buying something that she finds instantly off-putting or simply too embarrassing to try. If your keen on this idea, then talk about it first and ask her to point something out.

  1. Gym Membership

Even if she’s been desperate for one of these, it’s definitely a gift for another day of the year. It doesn’t matter if your intentions were completely honorable, in the back of her mind she’ll think it’s an insult. Don’t run the risk of ruining the lovely day you have planned. It’s better to stick with flowers and chocolates if you’re unsure.

  1. Nothing

If you’ve both agreed to not give anything this year, do a little something anyway. If money is tight, make her a card, write her a poem or give her a single red rose. It doesn’t have to be a huge statement, but it does need to say how much she means to you and how much you care.

  1. A Gift Card

Gift cards are very useful things, allowing a person to choose their own present. They have their place, but they can also be construed as the easy option for not thinking through a really heartfelt gift. If you do buy a gift card, just make sure it’s not the only thing you give her.

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