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Interview with Lluís Barbé: Obstacle Racer Number 1

Obstacle Racer? In the last 3 years the number of obstacle courses in USA has been multiplied by 5. Currently, around 100 races meet in the national territory. Responding to the demand of this new discipline that many know through names like Spartan Race or Farinato Race. Among the elite runners of this type of racing is currently Catalan Lluís Barbé.

Obstacle Racer Number 1Obstacle Racer Number 1

Lluís Barbé , ex-judoka, physiotherapist and personal trainer. He has for years been forging himself as obstacle racer participating in this type of races. In his career highlights great victories both nationally and internationally. As well as great satisfaction is a result of personal improvement. The quality in their training that make you feel in one of their best physical moments at the age of 34 years.

Recently, Lluís has started what promises to be a long collaboration with the Legion Race Company. The designing is its first obstacle courses. It is the first to be held in closed spaces at the state level.

We speak with him to know all the details of this new project. The necessary conditions are able to face this type of challenge.

How did the idea of ​​starting to design your own careers arise?How did the idea of ​​starting to design your own careers arise?

This is an idea that is being forged little by little and through the experiences That I have gained over the years. Seeing different types of obstacle courses, especially in the United Kingdom. Where there are large closed areas in which to train these races.

In this way, I started to want to create a space designed specifically to prepare this type of races. The other military test or competitions and even as a place to carry out simply training for personal improvement through obstacles.

Although, this idea has been rounded for several years. It was not until last year when I had my first approach to launching this idea as part of the activities of a private gym. We mounted an obstacle course of about 6km by the Montseny, which made me seriously propose to start riding something a little bigger and thought. This is the best way to be an obstacle Racer.

Is that when the collaboration with Legion Race arises?

Everything was just a lot of chance. Obstacle racing is a discipline that is growing a lot in USA and new races are appearing every time. Many of these careers contact me to ask for information or to invite me. They encourage me to participate in them.

In the case of Legion Race it was exactly the same. One day they called me, they presented me the project that was being forged in Vallirana (Catalunya) and I went to see them. I liked the way we work and think, and although at first we did not talk too much about what kind of collaboration that we were going to carry out. We should kept in touch during the development of the project.

Parallel to this, the sports fair FiresFit, which takes place in my town, Cerdanyola del Vallès. Contact me to set up a small circuit of obstacles in a football field.  Which is the activity of fairs? At that time I joined ideas: Legion Race wanted to present a type of racing and to publicize the obstacles it was making. FiresFit needed an obstacle course. Thus was born the first obstacle course on a football field and the first Legion Race. The participation was discreet, but we were very proud because the format of the race was spectacular. Which was really appreciated by both the public and the riders themselves.

From here, we started thinking about setting up more obstacle courses in football fields which is both as a circuit itself and as a training place for OCRs (obstacle courses). This is the another best way to be an Obstacle Racer.

Obstacle Racer
Young determined businessman with hammer in hands

What are the main differences of this obstacle race with similar ones that take place in USA?

First, it is important to differentiate between that what an obstacle course is?

An obstacle course is a test in which the obstacles predominate and which is usually less than 1km. when you are  In the race the running predominates. They tend to be over 5km with different types of obstacles scattered along the route.

Legion Race, as a project has different aspects. In the form of circuit, which is what has already been launched, proposes a route of about 500 meters in. The competitors when come in two and two against the clock. They have three options to repeat the circuit to enter the qualifying round. Once there the direct competitions are disputed in a series of quarterfinals, semifinals, dispute for the 3rd and 4th place and the grand finale.

The obstacles are usually those of these competitions, although put in a very continuous way. The ways are American tracks, ramps, inverted walls, monkey bars, parallels, wheels, etc …

However, the fact that Legion Race are builders allows many of the obstacles to become different from other races.  That is being much more particular and personalized.

On the other hand, the Legion Race project can be differentiated from the other races that take place in USA for 3 reasons:

First of all, they have a large natural area. On mount different obstacle courses in the four seasons of the year and adding improvements and variations.

Secondly, because they are building training box in an industrial warehouse to carry out specific training. This is for obstacle courses, among others.

Thirdly, because they propose the type of circuit of obstacles at the national level mounted. On the football fields that will be moving throughout the state.


What values ​​do you want to transmit through the Legion Race?

The three most important values ​​are respect, self- improvement and humility.

Because of my way of understanding life, training and sports, the first thing I want in Legion Race is a predominance of quality over quantity.

The companions of Legion Race, on the other hand, have also bet on this value. That is well done for obstacles, with architects that certify them, with desire to work and committing themselves to the maximum. There is no hurry for different ideas. To see the light as they go out and do it with great quality. This is also the another way to be an Obstacle Racer.

To promote a lot the struggle and personal improvement:

We propose very demanding circuits, of maximum physical and mental exigency. This is short but very explosive and hard. The fact that the test is against the clock and there are up to 3 rounds to test facilitates. Once you want to give more of him and improve.

Humility: We do not believe in environments in which some believe themselves better than others. As a fellow of Legion Race says that “the chronometer puts everyone in their place”. We want humility to be one of the most important values for creating a healthy environment for competition. This is the way to be an Obstacle Racer.

These are values ​​that I personally apply to my day to day. I try to transmit both in my way of doing sports and in training with others.

Legion Race is not an obstacle course to use as many competitors are used to. How do you think an obstacle course runner must face this type of race?

Uncontrolled Legion Race will destroy you

Control: without control Legion Race will destroy you.

There are very strong people prepared for great obstacle courses but in this case without control which will not go anywhere. It is a circuit of 500 meters in which there are obstacles continuously. So if you are not able to control and analyze each situation quickly and with agility you can end up bursting. It is not only about overcoming obstacles, but about overcoming them in the way that you are more efficient. That you are interrupting as little as possible and in which you do the least damage.

It is not just about overcoming obstacles, but about overcoming them in the way that you are more efficient.

Without this control, for example, someone very thrown can hurt himself in the first round. Annoy the options of surpassing by the other attempt.

There are many races and competitions that are thought under the “No Pain, No Gain” philosophy.  In which if you need to sweat blood you sweat. However, Legion Race, by its form, has a nuance that I always incorporate into my way of understanding the sport, the “No Brain No Gain”. Sometimes it is better to stop for a second, analyze and then execute, giving priority to control over power.

Without this way of thinking, controlling and understanding the circuit you cannot reach high. Although, ideal is to combine the aspects of controlling with one of the fighters. This is the another way to be Obstacle Racer.

Climb Rope

Finally, what physical preparation would you recommend to people who want to start participating in the Legion Race or in other types of races?

Whoever wants to compete has to be prepared

To prepare for the Legion Race, or any career similar to this discipline. A global training of all aspects of physical fitness is necessary. A general physical basis is needed that includes a work of these physical qualities:

  • Force
  • Resistance
  • Coordination
  • Ability
  • Speed

Despite being a closed space and little traveled. This types of race forces you to move a lot of weight.  Running very fast, climbing and jumping under a very hard mental and physical pressure. It takes a whole physical base with a coach. A good preparation is that can guarantee in a few months. A race is like this one with some minimums and enjoying it. So you are now understanding that how to be an Obstacle Racer.

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