The Performance Of An Online Marketing Plan

The Keys To Measuring The Performance Of An Online Marketing Plan

Online Marketing Plan? Every company with a minimum of seriousness should have an online marketing plan. The ideal scenario is that it was an annual plan but, I can understand that in smaller companies with few resources that is not possible. What is practically required is that there is a road map drawn and contrasted that sustains and justifies the actions to be carried out in terms of online marketing.

Studies of “Buyer person” , that is, who is really the potential client of the company.

A general plan of actions based on the marketing strategy (channels, contents, type of campaigns to be carried out ..).

A briefing about the company (who we are, features of the corporate image and value proposal).

Digital measurement plan . Without this we go blindly. You have to start from the KPI’s (performance indices) to define the measurement tool (s), reporting system and necessary resources.

Many small businesses, make the mistake of thinking that these types of marketing plans are not for them. They really are wrong. If there is hardly any resources, there are free tools to conduct an online market research and a lot of information available and accessible to any entrepreneur. Therefore, you can carry out this task with little resources and if the project is not complex you can see all pages 10-15.


Once we have cleared the doubts about whether to make a digital plan or not, now what concerns us is to know how to measure its performance. Sometimes there are even more companies that have not implemented a measurement system that allows them:

The previous steps to follow to measure the performance are:

Know what tools we will use for measurement in the fields of web analytics, email marketing, social media and PPC (pay per click). These could be for example: google analytics, mailchimp, hootsuite and google adwords for example.

Connect these tools with what we consider to be central. In the previous case we would connect everything with google analytics.

Implement objectives . The objectives can be: registration to a web page, sales, download of an important document, the reproduction of a video … Here you have a video with an example of how to create an objective in google analytcis:

The Performance Of An Online Marketing PlanThe Performance Of An Online Marketing Plan

Now we can focus on the areas of work to measure the performance of an online marketing plan. I will draw 5 fields that I consider essential :

Degree of importance and evolution of conversions of your marketing channels : Here what we want to analyze is which channels are more important, and therefore more profitable, as well as their evolution over time. This helps us to become aware of what marketing activities deserve more attention and also “put an eye” on those that may be in the future. For this, we need the report of the number of conversions segmented by traffic source. In analytics it looks like this (for this you have to have implemented objectives, then you have it available in the conversions section):

Detailed and segmented measurement of each important traffic source : Once we have seen which channels are more important, we have two ways to “walk”. The first is to see, from channels that are not working well, what is the exact reason for this situation. And on the other hand, of the channels that are being profitable, identify the strong points to enhance them. For example, if we carry out a Google Adwords campaign, we can know which campaigns or keywords are the best performers to increase the budget.

Measure the status of a brand’s reputation on the network : There are many companies that invest in branding and then do not know how to measure if there has been an increase in notoriety as a brand. Simply, if they see an increase in sales they are satisfied. There are two elements that I recommend to measure: the first is to see if positive mentions increase in social networks. You can do this with monitoring tools, some free like Topsy or Social mention. The other way to measure interesting in branding issues is to see if the organic traffic (of SEO) has increased through the so-called “branded keywords”. If you measure it for example for the Airbnb company, it would be necessary to see how many people enter in Google the word directly “Airbnb”. You can see this with webmaster tools, in the search terms section:

webmaster toolsMeasure the user experience and the navigation data of a web page : In this section, what interests us is to know the “quality of the visit”. Know if there is a high or low bounce%, if you visit more than one page, if there are conversions (already commented), the most common browsing routes … A very interesting exercise is to know for example which pages within a website have the % bounce higher There we will always find improvements to carry out in terms of design and usability.

Follow-up of the experiments or A / B tests : As I have already mentioned, we are always in a position to be able to carry out experiments to improve business results on a web page. These A / B tests are an undeniable source of learning that can be very profitable for a company. Here I recommend using a specific tools such as Optimizely. It will help us to make it more agile and with the possibility of producing a detailed report for each experiment.

I hope that with this article I have been able to give a new vision to those who are stuck to measure the performance of an online marketing plan.

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