What boot to choose according to our style?

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Perfect Boot? One of the classic searches of the autumn and winter is the one of the suitable boot, the boot of the season, and I say to you a thing, if ascertain is one of the most satisfactory searches that you can do. Getting a good boot will bring you comfort, warmth, style and protection in these colder seasons. Today I will explain what your ideal boot can be depending on the style you have and what you should set before buying.

Find The Perfect BootFind The Perfect Boot

Characteristics of a good boot First and fundamentally, the quality of the materials, we are talking about good skins, mostly also of leather inner linings (although there are times that textile lining is used for specific characteristics of the design). This is the best thing of  Perfect Boot.

On the other hand we have textile boots, as when we talk about lycra, which is a very suitable material if what we want is the greatest possible adaptation to the shape of our leg.The floors of the boots, if they are made of rubber, will insulate us better from the cold and better cushion the pressure on the sole of the foot.

And in general, unless they are lycra boots, they should have good inner zippers as long as possible to make it easy to put them on. This is the best thing of Perfect Boot.

What boot to choose according to our style?What boot to choose according to our style?

Sport Style

It’s time to go out and look for our boots, the first thing I’m going to tell you is that a quality boot is an investment that can last you a long time, so beware of fads, unless you have a big budget in costumes, the best thing is to go to classic last, with a current touch, which we know will continue to be ideal the following year.

If you have a very sporty, very battle style, and also a job where it is not usually too formal dressing, and you are one of those who opt for ultracommodity above all, it is clear that you should look for a flat boot or have no too much heel and in a color that suits the greater amount of clothes you wear.The Lisbonmodel , for its great comfort, its flexible skin and being flat, can go very well, to carry forward that sport-stylish image that we like so much.

Nuria Cobo with Lisbon boot  in sand colorNuria Cobo with Lisbon boot  in sand color

If your problem is that you have a somewhat wide calf and you do not usually close the zippers, then there are two models that I recommend without hesitation, the Petrus boot , which is lycra, weighs nothing, and has a rubber sole that is like a mattress.

This boot is also very suitable for thin legs, it fits well enough.And the second boot that I recommend is the Cindy model , which with its lycra back, adapts very well to different types of legs, and is a real pleasure for your comfort.

More dress style

If you are a type of woman that you usually fix yourself on a daily basis, that you use skirts and dresses, that you usually accompany with your heel your wardrobe, without hesitation, I recommend both the Iris model in leather, and the color model in suede leather.

They have that medium heel and that platform that makes you have them all day put, and they are just as good with leggings or skinny jeans, as with a dress. It is the ideal boot, that does not go out of style and with an extraordinary quality.In addition, its floor is rubber, which isolates the cold. This is the best thing of Perfect Boot.


Of course, the classics of Winter, are colors like black or brown, a black boot is a wardrobe background that never happens.

In my particular case, I often choose the color mink or mole, which we say is a medium color, which I can combine with dark tones as well as with light tones, as I always run and do not have much time, they come very well those colors that go with everything to avoid having to think in the mornings, it happens to me the same with the leather color , I usually choose it because it goes with everything.

If you already have boots in the basic colors maybe it’s time to refresh your shoemaker, this is a season of blue, burgundy, precious colors that will renew the clothes we already have, you know, a good complement changes the whole.

As important as choosing the right boot is knowing how to take care of it.

We will clean the leather boots with a good cream that nourishes the skin, better colorless at the beginning, to preserve the natural tone of the boot. Once they are more punished, we will look for a color as similar as possible.

In the case of suede or nubuck boots, clean at the beginning with baby wipes and if they have already fallen mud and are more dirty, clean with a soft brush, water and soap.The lycra with wipes or soap and water.

Nuria with the boot  Brown colorI hope you have helped in the search for your ideal boot, and do not stop suggesting and commenting on the blog everything you can think of.

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