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Peugeot 508 2.0 Blue HDi 150 hp

Peugeot 508 2.0 Blue HDi? Today we receive in the testing section a model that arrives on the market with a retouched appearance coupled with a new mechanical restructuring. The slight increase in equipment also serves to recharge the batteries of the sedan and for it to face with ease the last years of its commercial life. We refer to the flagship of the brand gala del león, the Peugeot 508.

Peugeot 508 2.0 Blue HDiPeugeot 508 2.0 Blue HDi

The D segment is important for the Lion House as for all brands as no longer a segment representing approximately 1,500,000 -only in Europe- vehicles per year, of which 45% are three saloons volumes and 55% relatives.

Present in the same for decades, the brand wants to give a light facelift to its 508 who wanted to provide a new front -corder to the current DNA of the house- as well as a new technological touch that covers especially , to some new features of its exterior and interior equipment.

Exterior design

If we start with the front we will find something totally new. The mark of the lion has completely eliminated the previous aspect. In the central part has mounted a chrome grille with the lion in the central part. As you can see, the logo has been moved from the hood – which is now more horizontal – to a more privileged area, just below the name of the brand – by the way, this zonta is now more vertical. This is the exterior design of Peugeot 508 2.0 Blue HDi.

Front Peugeot 508

In our case, when opting for a BlueHDi motorization , the grille mounted a name plate just on the right side of the grid. This grid seems to be bigger due to a bright black area that occupies part of the space of the license plate located just in the line of parking sensors that equipped our test unit. On both sides of the grill we found some new optical groups that in our unit had LED technology – + 866 euros-.

The headlights are integrated by three modules with four LEDs each, to which three complementary LEDs are added on the outside of the headlamp for the additional lighting function in the curve. This technology, in addition to its safety qualities, speed and economy of use, allows sharpening the headlights and accentuate the feline look, however I have a complaint, its light was too bluish and the truth is that it can even be uncomfortable to drive with certain weather conditions – the best is that the color is more white and not so blue. This is the front of Peugeot 508 2.0 Blue HDi.

Led Front Light Peugeot 508Led Front Light Peugeot 508

Under these headlights, just in the lower corners we find two LED strips, one for daylight and one for the intermittent and of course, an anti-fog light, also in LED technology.

These lower optical groups are integrated in a black area that also has an air intake right in the middle area that directs the flow of air to the bottom of the radiator.

In addition to providing the model with an unmistakable signature light, the truth is that Peugeot has managed to provide the model with a front FULL LED technology composed of no less than 44 light-emitting diodes . Undoubtedly, it is a success – saving the detail of the bluish color – as it gives the model a much more technological aspect, something that is in keeping with the new approach that the lion brand wants to take.

508 Allure

In the side view we can come up with some very classic design lines that the truth is that they are appreciated, and more, in these times. Peugeot knows that the customer of Segment D is not very used to major changes and the side view of 508 betrays the philosophy and the knowledge that the brand has of this. A clear design of three volumes, a clean side surface and of course, a bulging line of the windows.

The dimensions of the Peugeot 508 are: 4,829 mm in length, 1,828 mm in width, 1,476 mm in height and 2,817 mm in battle. The front track width is 1,580 mm while the rear one is 1,547 mm

The truth is that we cannot stand out much on the side except the installation of a keyless access system that works really well, the assembly of the electric mirrors on the doors and of course, the wheel arches in our unit were occupied by 18-inch alloy wheels and new design that in some way disguise their size thanks to the sidewall of the tires, selected in a 235/45 R18 98 W with a view to offer a behavior more focused on comfort than performance. In this case, the gala brand opted for another brand gala and the selected tires were a Michelin Primacy HP.

Dynamic Side 508

In the rear view the thing has not changed too much and the same lines that flow from the arch of the roof and pass through the C-pillar end up dying in the tailgate that besides mounting the lion in the central part, has a slight prominence at the top that generates a slight upper spoiler. Access to the trunk is comfortable due to its amplitude and its opening is carried out through a button hidden in the “0” of the denomination 508 located on the left side.

On both sides of the trunk lid the brand mounts some renewed optical groups that although apparently keep the same shape as the one used in the previous models, now they are more vertical, they change their luminous signature and in part, their technology – since now They are composed of 36 LEDS-. The main lighting is generated by three vertical claws similar to those found in other models of the brand. Interestingly, the fog and brake lights are also in LED technology but for reversing and for the turn signals has opted for a conventional bulb. I have to confess that although we have seen it in other brands, they could perfectly have installed FULL LED headlights, something that in addition to improving the appearance of the model and its energy consumption, improves safety by the prompt response of the light emitting diodes. This is the Dynamic side of Peugeot 508 2.0 Blue HDi.

Rear Light Peugeot 508Rear Light Peugeot 508

I have to criticize energetically that the brake light seems ridiculous . The new design reduces this light to 4 LEDs in each headlight for a signal that should be the most visible. Honestly, it remains far from it. This, without a doubt, should be corrected by the brand.

In the lower part we find a bumper that integrates several parking sensors -strategically distributed- as well as a camera for the parking aid -paired by the frame of the license plate holder-. The lower part of the back has an area in contrasting color where a license plate is located, escorted by two catadioptrics underlined by a chrome detail.

508 saloon

Undoubtedly I think we are facing one of the most classic and elegant designs that there is in the current segment D , something that is appreciated because now the fashion is to create “that coupe style . “

Viewed from above, our test unit mounted a sunroof darkened and practicable with a rigid curtain to cover the gap from the passenger compartment – + 770 euros.

Interior design

Okay, once we get on the renewed Peugeot 508 it happens to us like when we rode the Mondeo – See Ford Mondeo Test -, we feel that we are facing a car, however, to be a facelift, in this case they have not risked a lot in changes.

In our test unit we had sport- trimmed seats upholstered in black leather with white stitching – + 1,395 euros-. These are seats that not only hold well, but are really comfortable. The driving position allows the driver to place his hands comfortably on a steering wheel that has the same design as before – which is certainly an error. I have to confess that the controls are somewhat cumbersome and although it is not very full of buttons -12 buttons and two scrolls-getting used to them costs more than in models like the Mondeo or the Passat, where we have a comfortable menu system very intuitive. This is the interior side of Peugeot 508 2.0 Blue HDi.

Interior 508

Behind the wheel we find a very classic instrument panel that incorporates two large and three small dials as well as a monochrome display in the center that subtracts points from that high-tech character that wanted to give the model the brand, with the face wash. In view of the driver we find a really useful color head up display in which we are shown relevant information such as a digital speedometer or navigator signals. I must confess that although the operation of the frame and the head up display are more than correct, I expected something more in line with what other models of the D segment, ie a virtual cockpit, incorporate. These are the all things of Peugeot 508 2.0 Blue HDi.

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