Traditional shaving badger razor of safety

The Shaving Kit: The Foam

Shaving Kit

Shaving Kit? That’s it, your cabbage cut is shave ready? Or did you choose the safety razor you need in our traditional shaving guide? Before you start, I will present my method to prepare a good foam and the necessary accessories to do this. It is a very important step to have a better glide and thus avoid the fire of the shave.

A shaving badgerShaving Kit

There is something for everyone, with handles made of wood, plastic, horn and tufts of different qualities. Here is a brief overview of the components of the badger and the different types of products available. Attention blow of heart guaranteed!

The clump of your badger can be synthetic or in natural hair, it is she who will determine the quality of your foam. The synthetic, entry-level, remains a good compromise between quality and maintenance. The animal friends will appreciate.

The badger hair is the product of excellence, declined in several types, the Pure Badger , the Best Badger , Super Badger and the Silver-tip , classified according to their softness and their capacity to retain the water. They are suitable for all types of beards and give you a very good foam .

Traditional shaving badger razor of safetyShaving Kit

There is also pork silk, and the horse, often less pleasant but will be better suited to harder beards. The clump of your badger can be of different sizes or shapes, no particular change to make a good foam on that side.

For small budget, I prepared a selection of the best cheap badgers less than 20 $ . This is one of the best Shaving Kit.

Cream or shaving soap

To begin, a cream will give better results with a foam easy to assemble. If you want to indulge yourself with a quality product at the best price, I recommend the cream Proraso ! It is a must have, which gives a very good foam. Used for a long time by many barbers, it will not disappoint you.

The soap is often cheaper and will last longer, a little more complicated to take in hand at the beginning, it gives a foam of such good quality as soon as you take the shot and you can find beard soap in many large surfaces. To make your choice, look for a perfume that you like (and your half too: D), specialized sites will make you happy. This is one of the best Shaving Kit.

Prepare your shaving foam

And now to your badgers, gentlemen!

We start by soaking his badger in hot water for 5 minutes it will soften the hair. After moistening, drain slightly.

For a good mousse, load your badger with the cream by placing a hazelnut directly on the tuft. If you use a soap, make a few passes (about a fortnight) on it to load your badger.

Your badger is ready!

All you have to do is to lift the foam directly on the moistened face, making small circular movements. My advice: we will prefer to shave after a good shower .

A good ” blaireautage ” lasts on average 1 minute, it will soften the beard and warm your skin .

Once your foam is in focus, do not hesitate to refill yourself in the bowl at the time of “blaireautage” or to add a little water to maintain creamy foam. We quickly take the hand to get the foam that suits us.

Tip: Use a shaving bowl. We load his badger and then foam up for 1 minute in his bowl that will stay at the bottom of the sink surrounded by hot water, which keeps the foam hot.

Once your shave is done, clean your badger, drain it and especially dry it upside down ( a first price support costs about 10 dollars ), tuft down so that the water does not accumulate at the base of the badger which could be harmful to him very quickly.

That’s all for today, you are now ready to shave in the best conditions with quality products! This is the best thing of Shaving Kit.

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