Six top pub trends to know for 2017

Pubs will always be in fashion; however, trends in menus change periodically and this year’s biggest pub trends have already been predicted by those in the know. From healthy additions to extra sweets and even customised menus, read on for the six top pub trends for 2017.

Six top pub trends to know for 2017

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Mezze and Turkish flavours

Once upon a time, you could not find a pub menu that did not include some Thai dishes. Later came Tex-Mex, whilst various other cuisines have come and gone. This year it is all about Turkish and Middle Eastern cuisine – think wraps, falafels, hummus and tabbouleh, to name a few. A mezze food selection platter is an option that works well on pub menus, providing a great sharing plate to accompany drinks.

Healthy eating

It used to just be a matter of including at least one vegetarian dish; now, the modern pub chef needs to consider everything from vegan to paleo diets. Make sure you have options for the growing number of vegans, coeliacs, and those on high-protein, low-grain diets; in addition, list calories where possible.

Desserts get centre stage

The trend for dessert houses, such as the Kaspa’s chain, is set to get bigger. For pubs, this is not likely to make a huge difference to their menus, but may entail adding a few more dessert choices. A great option is a variety of gelato flavours, as these can be stored in the freezer without perishing, but make your dessert menu choices are varied. These can be served in glass dessert dishes that can be washed with the bar glasses in commercial glass washers available from suppliers such as

Meal deals

With ever-savvier shoppers, budget-conscious deals listed on sites such as Vouchercloud or Groupon may keep your business afloat.

All-day brunch

If you have not got on the all-day brunch bandwagon yet, now is the time to do so. More and more pub-goers are expecting to be able to get an all-day brunch wherever they go, with this becoming a menu staple like sausage and mash or fish and chips.

Build your own meal

To accommodate the varied needs of customers when it comes to food, build-your-own menu dishes are a great way to make sure everyone is covered. You can even offer fully-customised orders if your kitchen can accommodate this.

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