Social Media Great, But Not A Substitute For Email Marketing

Social Media Great, But Not A Substitute For Email Marketing

Whenever innovative technology emerges and begins to succeed, self-styled market gurus or experts tend to rush past and say that the “old thing” is dead. The TV did not kill the radio, the movies did not kill the cinema, YouTube did not kill the TV, and the Kindle did not kill the book and so on. Of course there is always a slow and gradual loss, just as technology should evolve and adapt to remain relevant.

In the case of Digital Marketing, many people went on to say that Email Marketing was nearing its end with the growth of social media. Despite all the noise, it is not what time has been proving.

Social Media Great, But Not A Substitute For Email Marketing

The fact is that people have email fully embedded in their lives. Email is the simplest and most fundamental thing anyone can have on the Internet. Many go further and are even compulsive with their use, spending all the time with the email box open and checking every new message that arrives. With the growth of mobile Internet access, this practice became even more common.Social Media Great, But Not A Substitute For Email Marketing

No doubt social media is a great way to spread your message and reach out to your customers. However, these channels are generally viewed with more informality and less commitment than email. People do not feel obligated to see all the tweets of all the people they follow, all blog posts they read and even less to click on all the links that others indicate.

With all the volume of content on these networks, many messages are mixed and several times “beaten”. Even worse: in some places like Twitter and Facebook, for example, if the person is not there at the moment, she simply loses the message and does not go back to know what happened. Not to mention the fact that a large portion of the population still does not effectively participate in these social networks (and this includes some of their clients!).

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Emails are looked at carefully, usually every day. As much as we all have to deal with some unwanted spam, if the person signed the content of your company and knows that it is relevant to it, there is a great tendency for your email to be opened and read. Also, when someone opens your email, you get their exclusive attention (even briefly), unlike what happens on social networks where the amount of parallel information – and therefore distraction – is much greater.Social Media Great, But Not A Substitute For Email Marketing

Therefore, using Email Marketing properly is a very effective weapon in maintaining a relationship with people who have been attracted to your company, whether they are current customers or just potential customers. It’s great to have many followers on Twitter, Facebook fans and blog subscribers, but in the same proportions a good subscriber base via Email (as long as it’s created correctly) is much more valuable. This is an asset that must be nurtured over time and explored with care, but the results are worth any effort.Social Media Great, But Not A Substitute For Email Marketing

Delivering relevant content or promotional campaign via email works great as a sales tool for new customers, but works best to retain a current customer. It is worth remembering the old maxim of Marketing that keeping a customer can be up to five times cheaper than winning a new one. A good email with relevance is a great way to maintain the relationship with the customer.


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